Connecting sustainability professionals around the world!

ISSP members are forming chapters across the globe in order to meet and network with other sustainability professionals, either face-to-face in local, place-based chapters or virtually in 'affinity group' chapters to talk about specific areas of interest.  See below for our current list of established chapters and chapters in process.

Current Chapter Locations

Chapters in Process

Want to form a local chapter in your area?

Informal and Formal Chapters.  We recognize the work involved in forming local chapters of a professional association. To make it easy and to allow local groups to ease into this commitment, there is a path for members to follow in creating a local chapter.  The first step is to find out who else in your area is an ISSP member.  Generally there needs to be at least 10 ISSP members who are committed to being involved in organizing activities and attending events.  Once you have identified the individuals who will work with you, have an initial gathering to find out what people are interested in doing for meetings and activities.  Once you are ready, see the material below about Informal and Formal chapters to see the specific next steps. 

Step 1: Informal Chapters

Informal chapters allow local organizers to hold events, such as meetings in Chicago, workshops in Australia, and member meet-ups in D.C., while benefiting from ISSP's experience and logistical support.  In addition to the use of our name and logo, we will assist you with planning, event organizing and promotion, and registration and fee management.  Informal chapter agreements are for specific, term-limited events, and are a great opportunity for you to build local energy and support.  An informal chapter is the first step in establishing a formal chapter. Here is a sample of what a local chapter event agreement looks like.

Step 2: Formal Chapters

Formal chapters are local legal entities operating as part of the broader ISSP organization.  In addition to accessing ISSP expertise and logistical support, formal chapters benefit from enhanced stability, institutional memory, and financial tools from development of a customized charter and establishment as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Once you have a strong local or regional organization and have sufficient membership, the next step will be to create a formal chapter.

Ready to get started?

For more information or to get the ball rolling, contact us.  You can also view or download the our Chapter Handbook as well as a sample business plan contributed by ISSP Toronto.