ISSP is pleased to make our members aware of these other sustainability events happening around the world. Listing here is not an endorsement per se but an attempt to share opportunities of interest. In some cases these events have extended a discount to ISSP members.  If you are interested in having an event listed here, please send an email to info (at) sustainabilityprofessionals (dot) org.

Events are listed in chronological order.  Click on the event name or scroll down to read more.

Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Boardroom

November 10, 2015, Chicago, IL


Engage with institutional shareholders, company diversity executives, practice experts, researchers, and academics. Discover ways to plan for and successfully recruit women in the c-suite and board room. Apply best practices designed to enhance company performance through diversity at the senior level. Read more here.

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The 9th Annual CR Reporting and Communications Summit

November 10-11, 2015, Tower Bridge Hilton, London, UK


The CR Reporting and Communications Summit is Europe's leading summit where you will find cutting edge innovation and strategic initiatives from the most distinguished sustainable companies including Lego, Marks & Spencer, Orange, Alcoa and Walgreen Boots Alliance. Attendees will learn how to prepare for G4 implementation, develop fresh ways of engaging stakeholders to discover their most significant issues, understand big data and metrics for setting KPI’s that are most material to the business, discover innovative ways to communicate sustainability performance, and use materiality and metrics to align strategy with performance. To learn more and register, click here.

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SoL North America's Applied Organizational Learning for Business Results with Peter Senge, Richard Karash & Deborah Reidy

December 7-11, 2015, Ashland, MA


Many Fortune 500 companies know the value of using organizational learning principles to increase performance, productivity and business results. In this highly interactive workshop you will learn the tools and methods necessary for building learning organizations and apply them to your most pressing challenges. You will also hear from a variety of business leaders who have successfully introduced organizational learning in their organizations. This workshop is offered only one time with Peter Senge in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of his book The Fifth Discipline. The workshop will be limited to 50 participants only. Learn More.


Please visit SoL North America website or contact Program Manager Lisa Kim for more information. Discounts for Non-profits, Teams and SoL North America Members available. 

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SoL North America's Foundations for Leadership Program, Facilitated by Peter Senge & Robert Hanig

March 15-17, Ashland, MA 


Deepen your capacity to lead effectively in this intensive three-day program, based on the leadership development process described in The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge, identified as a seminal management book by Harvard Business Review. Participants in Foundations for Leadership will explore what it takes to create an environment where leadership is a shared responsibility, naturally embedded in the fabric of an organization and community.


Participants will leave with a new set of skills, tools and understanding of how they can facilitate meaningful change, both within their organizations and in their personal lives. The special contribution of this leadership course emerges as participants make the profound connections between personal mastery and systems thinking, seeing that deep change in systems and in oneself are inseparable from each other. This course is intended for everyone committed to deepening their capacity for effective leadership; teams are encouraged to attend to further develop their collective leadership. Learn More.


Please visit SoL North America website or contact Program Manager Lisa Kim for more information. Discounts for Non-profits, Teams and SoL North America Members available.  

SoL North America's Leading Sustainable Transformation Workshop with MIT Sloan's Peter Senge

June 21-23, 2016, Ashland, MA


Join Peter Senge and Darcy Winslow for the Society for Organizational Learning North America's (SoL NA) interactive, three-day Leading Sustainable Transformation workshop and learn with a diverse group of peers how to make sustainability a core value in your organization, supply chain or community. The program is designed for organizational leaders at all levels, from all sectors: corporate, non-profit, government agencies and education. The sessions will help build personal and joint capacity and provide tools to collaboratively address complex problems of systemic change. Leading Sustainable Transformation will be both personal and collective: participants learn how to work better together to achieve common goals that otherwise might not be possible. 


Please visit SoL North America's website or contact Program Manager Lisa Kim for more information. Discounts for Non-profits, Teams and SoL North America Members available.