Other Sustainability Events and Trainings Around the World

ISSP is pleased to make our members aware of these other sustainability events happening around the world. Listing here is not an endorsement per se but an attempt to share opportunities of interest. In some cases these events have extended a discount to ISSP members.

Events are listed in chronological order.  Click on the event name or scroll down to read more.






The Accountability Project

April 7 - 11, Toronto, Canada

The Accountability Project (TAP) will be in Toronto April 7-11, 2014 with our Sustainability and CR Management Course and Master Course.  This season, TAP is celebrating a decade of training sustainability professionals.  Participants can choose from 1 to 5 days of training and those who successfully complete the 4-day or 5-day option will get a certificate of completion.  We can offer a 10% discount to fellow ISSP members - enter ISSPTAP in the discount box.  To register or for more information, go to www.theaccountabilityproject.ca.  For any questions, contact Susan Todd at 604-473-2082, or our registrar, Devon Knight Events, at 604-677-2759.


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Environmental Resources Management GRI G4 Training Courses

April 24 - 25, Washington, D.C. &

April 29 - 30, Rolling Meadows (near downtown Chicago), IL

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is one of the premier firms approved as a GRI-certified training partner in the US.  Our courses are led by experienced practitioners who do sustainability reporting and sustainability program development and implementation for a living and are experts on the GRI framework and guidelines.  ERM's two-day certified trainings include a compregensive course with the NEW G4 curriculum addressing sustainability reporting and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and process.  Register here or learn more about our two-day training courses; register soon for the Early Bird Rate and receive an additional 20% off the course fee by entereing Discount Code: ISSP during the registration process.

2014 GRI G4 Certified Training Dates:

  • April 24-25, 8:00am-5:00pm daily, meals provided; ERM Office, 1776 I Street, N.W. Suite 200, Washington, D.C.
  • April 29-30, 8:00am-5:00pm daily, meals provided; ERM Office, 1701 Golf Road, Suite 1-700, Rolling Meadows, IL

ERM also offers a series of complimentary webinars.  Visit our website for our trainings and webinars today!


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CERES Conference 2014

April 30 - May 1, Boston, MA

Smart businesses and investors are mobilizing today to deploy clean energy, protect water resources, and improve sustainability performance throughout their supply chains – and not just because it is necessary for long-term sustainability, but because they see great economic opportunity in tackling climate change and other sustainability threats. The challenges are formidable, but for the past 25 years Ceres has worked with businesses and investors to create a future where a sustainable economy is possible. The future is now and our mission is more urgent than ever. So join us and more than 600 sustainability leaders in Boston at the Ceres Conference 2014, April 30th - May 1st, to celebrate Ceres’s 25th anniversary and build a sustainable global economy. For more information, visit http://www.ceres.org/conferences


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2nd Annual Smart Water Leadership Conference

May 6 - 7, National Academy of Sciences Building, Washington, D.C.

The 2nd Annual Smart Water Leadership Summit is bringing together smart water thought leaders linked by a common passion to protect human health and conserve water and energy resources.  The Summit will explore the delicate balance between water safety and conservation through presentations and discussions regarding best practices, regulatory requirements and leadership.  Participants will gain better understanding of how to bridge the gap between the environmental health and safety efforts of an organization to broader corporate-wide efforts around sustainability, brand enhancement and water stewardship.  Speakers from industry sectors as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare will represent areas of expertise ranging from corporate operations to microbiology.  There is no charge to attend either on-site or remotely via live streaming.  Visit Smart Water Leadership to request an invite.


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Finding Ethical Alpha: The Global Forum on Investing in Ethical Alpha

May 12 – 14 St. Augustine FL

The conference includes two unique additional events featuring growth sectors within the asset class - Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure and Investing in Greening Deserts.  
This conference will bring together decision makers from Plan Sponsors, Endowments, Foundations, and Family Offices to enter into a discourse with the entire ecosystem of organizations and advisors vital to building total return alternative investment portfolios that contain increasing percentages of conscious or ethical investments. For more information visit http://www.endobility.com/#%21fea-home/cb82.

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Clean Environment Leaders Summit

June 1 – 4, Singapore

With waste volumes of all kinds increasing in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore believes that it is timely for a serious dialogue to begin on how the region's cities will overcome the challenges of waste management. While much of the current focus is on water and energy issues, waste is an important part of the equation. We cannot solve one part of this equation without solving the other parts. The water-waste-energy nexus will therefore be a key challenge for Asia's growing urban regions.

The Clean Environment Leaders Summit gathers the world's top environment leaders from the public and private sectors, international organisations and think-tanks, to discuss global environment issues, share knowledge, and shape thought leadership and policies on developing sustainable environmental management solutions. At the CESS 2014, expect more than 500  leaders to come together for a meaningful discourse on environmental issues. For more information, visit http://www.cleanenvirosummit.sg/.


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Sustainable Brands 2014

June 2 - 5, San Diego, CA

Sustainable Brands ’14 San Diego – Brands are forming a new conception of what’s possible when pointing towards the new world of a thriving global economy. Doing less bad is not an option in tomorrow’s economy. Brand leaders today are seeking regenerative business models that create net positive impact. Participate in collaborative discussions alongside Unilever, Coca-Cola, Ford, Target, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé Purina, plus others and actively reimagine what’s possible. Look for opportunities to redesign every aspect of the business and move models further away from “Take, Make, Waste” to those that are regenerative by nature. Paradise Point, San Diego, CA. June 2-5, 2014. http://sbshare.co/19Jl1a0


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IRA & SWANA ReThink, ReDefine Annual Conference

June 3 - 4, Tinley Park (near downtown Chicago), IL

Please join IRA and SWANA for the "ReThink. ReDefine." annual conference held June 3-4, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Tinley Park, IL Convention Center.  You do not want to miss this exciting conference!  This year's keynote speakers are Tim Carey, Pepsico Senior Director and Lynn Laszewski, Pepsico Resource Conservation Analyst.  The conference includes a gala networking dinner, silent auction, raffles, and a cocktail hour, as well as an exhibition hall, awards luncheon and presentation, recycling and landfill tours, and table topic networking groups.  Fifteen informative breakout sessions will cover topics ranging from electronics recycling to business sustainability.  Click here for conference details.


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32nd West Coast Energy Management Congress

June 25 - 26, Seattle WA

The Association of Energy Engineers, together with host utility Puget Sound Energy, is pleased to celebrate the 32nd West Coast Energy Management Congress in Seattle for 2014. Taking place June 25-26 at the Washington State Convention Center, this important, widely-attended industry event will bring you face to face with professionals who make the buying decisions for your products and services. You’ll meet buyers who are actively involved in projects to improve energy efficiency, effective- ly utilize the latest renewable energy technologies, and secure an affordable, reliable energy supply both now and in the future. For more information, visit www.energyevent.com.


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VERGE Salon: Data Solutions in Cities & Real Estate

September 16, New York, NY

VERGE Salons are focused events that bring together sustainability and technology executives to address sustainability solutions across industries and sectors.  Using fast-paced presentations, facilitated discussions and focused networking, this one-day salon will offer a deep dive into how technologies can accelerate sustainability solutions using the massive amounts of data in cities and real estate.  For more information, visit VERGE Salon NYC.


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October 6 – 8, Austin, TX

SXSW Eco attracts a global community to explore, engage and co-create solutions for a sustainable world. A uniquely inclusive platform for professionals, SXSW Eco examines the critical challenges of our times through a kaleidoscopic lens of design innovation, policy tipping points, technological breakthroughs, conservation practice, entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of creativity to transform inspiration into action. For more information, visit http://sxsweco.com/.


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Local Renewables Conference 2014 

October 22 - 24, Freiburg and Lörrach, Germany

How to shape regional development through energy transition will be the focus of Local Renewables 2014. The event will explore regional development through energy transition and practical guidance on efficiently utilising renewable energy resources. Topics to be covered include the collaboration with local stakeholders, the value of technological innovations and how to identify sources of financing local action. This is a valuable opportunity for policy-makers, representatives from European institutions, energy service providers and experts to share views and knowledge.

For more information please visit the conference website: www.local-renewables-conference.org/freiburg2014


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VERGE: Where Tech Meets Sustainability

October 27 - 30, San Francisco, CA

VERGE San Francisco brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and leading public officials to explore the opportunities for radical efficiencies created through technology advancements in energy, buildings and transportation.  Cutting-edge green business speakers include entrepreneurs, journalists, and business leaders.  For more information, visit VERGE San Francisco.


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2014 NetImpact Conference

November 6 – 8, Minneapolis, MN

Net Impact is a community of more than 40,000 student and professional leaders creating positive social and environmental change in the workplace and the world. Net Impact is thrilled to bring its annual conference to the Twin Cities for the first time in its 22 year history, and to be able to collaborate with local chapters in creating an inspiring and cutting-edge event for over 2,500 attendees. For more information about Net Impact conferences, visit https://netimpact.org/netimpactconference.


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