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Salary Survey for CSR professionals 2012

CSR and Salary Survey 2012 produced by Acre Resources

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GreenBiz salary survey 2011

Here is the 2011 salary survey conducted by GreenBiz

Professional Coaching for Sustainability Professionals

Strategic Coaching
ISSP Hall of Fame recipient and veteran sustainability consultant, Gil Friend, has made a generous offer to ISSP.  Gil will extend a discount on his professional coaching service to any ISSP member. The coaching service provides confidential, one-on-one conversations directly with CEO Gil Friend to help you clarify and advance your company’s, your client's and your personal sustainability goals.

This service is especially designed for sustainability professionals - even those at the top of their game - who are interested in continuous improvement, learning and capacity building.  Think about it: as good as you are, how much more could you get accomplished with the consistent, committed support of an experienced coach?

If this is something that sounds right to you, Contact Gil directly. Mention your membership in ISSP and he will offer ...
10% off on one month contract

20% off on two month contract

30% off on three month contract

Call Gil at 510-435-6346 or email
For more information got to

Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Masters Programme (MSLS) at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Are you ready to innovate for a sustainable future?

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden is looking for prospective students for a Master’s degree in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI). Do you know an engineer, designer or product innovator looking to enhance their skills and expertise?

As our world becomes increasingly complex and the need for more sustainable products and services becomes essential, designers and engineers on the cutting edge of sustainable innovative practices are increasing in demand. Industry needs people who understand what the world wants: innovative products and services delivered in the most sustainable way possible.

At BTH, we believe that combining an overarching approach to socio-ecological sustainability with a disciplined focus on meeting market and human needs through product-service systems is the way of the future, and we are doing our part to show the way. By closely collaborating with our industrial partners (to see our industrial partners click here) <> , we are preparing people to be the next generation of innovators. They will be bringing together engineering, innovation, and sustainability competence through this unique master's programme.

The MSPI programme supports the sustainable development of global economy and society. Check out our programme design here <> .
The design of the MSPI programme has been done in response to the industrial demand for graduates who can combine engineering competence with sustainability knowledge to help deliver new product-service systems. Therefore this programme is in tight and on-going connection with industries. It is necessary to have a structured overview of the system "society in the biosphere" - and this is exactly what we will share with you in this programme.

More specifically, the academic goals of participating students are to be able to:

  • Analyze sustainability challenges for an organization in a scientific manner.
  • Introduce a strategic perspective of sustainability to a product innovation process in a company.
  • Use new methods and tools, and former engineering specialty, to work with sustainable product and service innovation in industry.
  • Support a transition towards a more service-oriented economy.

Student Life and Experience
The Master's Programme in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) is hosted at Campus Gräsvik, in the city of Karlskrona <> , the capital of Region Blekinge in the south of Sweden. The city is situated on an archipelago and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique naval heritage. The programme is designed in a cohort.  Check out the current international cohort of 15 students from 9 countries here. <>  If you are ready to innovate and design in a sustainable way, join us in Sweden for an amazing experience academically, professionally and personally. For more information on student life, click here <> .

For applicants outside of the EU, contact Tamara Connell ( of Kitesh Leadership Development  for assistance with your application and scholarship information. For applicants within the EU please apply directly on the BTH site <>

To see more about the programme, please visit the website:


The Business of Sustainability Workshop - Istanbul

Business Essentials Workshop
How to benefit from Sustainable Business Practices
UZD, Turkey, and Greenomics Corporation of Canada invite you to embrace sustainability
and take advantage of its opportunities for your business now.
Learn how “going green” can decrease costs and increase revenues.
Discover how sustainability mitigates global economic risks.
Gain access to tools and resources that create a competitive edge.
Lead your business into the future

See attached for more details.

The Corporate Responsibility Salary Survey

The 2010 salary survey for sustainability professionals conducted by Acre and Acona. Primarily European data but data from all over the world.

Green Job Titles - Blog Post from The Green Economy

The Green Economy has an interesting blog post on the top job green job titles and the top green US cities for green related employment. The report is based on data gathered by Jim Cassio, a green workforce development professional, and references data from Green Dream Jobs.

The Top Green Job Titles (Green Economy Blog)

Expanding Sustainability market: Commercial Real Estate consulting

Portland Craigslist has a posting for a Sustainability Consultant in Commercial Real Estate. I post this here as an example of how the sustainability field is expanding. The job description calls for specific expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability. The company posting this is JDM Associates, "an environmental and energy consulting firm specializing in advancing sustainability in the real estate industry."

MA in Leadership for Sustainability at Lancaster University, UK

MA in Leadership for Sustainability at Lancaster University, UK
Commences: 16 November 2009

ISSP Certificate Program in Sustainability

With the sustainability industry still in its infancy and professionals moving into the field from a wide range of sectors, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) now offers a Certificate Program in Sustainability. Meant for practitioners who need to fill in “gaps” in their education or for displaced professionals looking for a new career, the online workshops are taught by luminaries and thought leaders from around the world who have spent years working to change the systems of the world to a sustainable model.

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