Each year, ISSP delves into a new research topic that is important to our members. These reports are always free for ISSP members. Some reports require a fee for non-members.

A Behavioural Competency Model for Sustainability Leaders (2016)

Research findings suggest that Sustainability Leaders need a wide-ranging and divergent mix of behavioural competencies to be effective. Where leaders have more developed competencies, they are able to respond to sophisticated challenges in a way that others are not. This paper, authored by ISSP member Beth Knight, and published by Cambridge University, provides insights into those behaviours. Download a copy of the research paper.


IEMA Special Report: Skills for A Sustainable Economy: Preparing for the Perfect Storm (2015)

ISSP is pleased to highlight the work of IEMA, its partner organization in the UK, and its Perfect Storm report, which highlights the need to improve the sustainability skills in organizations everywhere in order to make sustainability standard practice worldwide. This work dovetails with ISSP's creation of a Sustainability Professional Certification.Download a copy of the report.


ISSP Member Survey Results (2013)

>Download ISSP's most recent member survey summary.


Directory of Sustainability Planning and Reporting (2010)

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Directory of Sustainability Assessments (2010) (7.2 MB, 60 pages, 15 assessments)

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Directory of Life-cycle Assessment Tools (2010)

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The Sustainability Professional: 2010 Competency Survey Report (2010 Special Report - Download (1.97 MB)

          "The ISSP 2010 Competency Survey Report has been instrumental in the design of an online MBA in sustainable business. It's vital that our graduates embody and enact the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will lead successful organizations through the 21st century." 
-Paul Ventura, Marylhurst University


Cool Trends Part 2—Decarbonizing Corporate America (2009 Special Report) Download (2.3 MB)


Cool Trends: What Cities are Doing NOW to Reduce Greenhouse Gases (2008 Special Report) Download (4.66MB)