ISSP's eCourses are 4 weeks long with weekly 60 to 90 minute interactive webinars plus other individual or online assignments. Paired with an interactive online learning website, the ISSP Learning Center, the virtual courses offer access to current research and other professionals working in the field.  Participants should expect to spend 6 - 8 hours a week. The benefits of this are many:


  • You have access to the best experts in the business, no matter where you or they are located in the world;
  • You can absorb the information over a month and return to the ISSP forums with real-world questions
  • You have access to the instructor and co-learners for a month
  • Enrollment is capped in order to maintain low student-faculty ratios and maximize individual attention from the instructors.

Better for the environment:

  • You don't travel so you don't have the associated greenhouse gases
  • Most materials are electronic so we're not printing out lots of handouts

Better for your budget:

  • You save all the travel time and expenses
  • ISSP's eLearning courses are very affordable because we don't have to provide a classroom or fly in instructors
Refund policy:
If you cancel a month or more before a course begins, we will refund 100% of your payment less any Paypal fees; 22-30 days out the refund is 75% of payment; 15-21 days 50%; 7-14 days 25%. Cancellation with less than a week's notice results in no refund. A transfer from one course to another is handled the same as cancellation.
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