ISSP's eCourses are 4 weeks long with weekly 60 to 90 minute interactive webinars plus other individual or online assignments. Paired with an interactive online learning platform, the ISSP Learning Center, the virtual courses offer access to current research and other professionals working in the field. Course participants should expect to commit 6 - 8 hours per week.

Here are a few reasons sustainability professionals should enroll in ISSP courses:

Better for the Environment:
  • You don't travel so you don't have the associated greenhouse gases;
  • Most materials are electronic so we're not printing out lots of handouts
Better for your Budget:
  • You save all the travel time and expenses;
  • ISSP's eLearning courses are very affordable because we don't have to provide a classroom or fly in instructors
Better for You:
  • You have access to the best experts in the business, no matter where you or they are located in the world;
  • You can absorb the information over a month and return to the ISSP forums with real-world questions;
  • You have access to the instructor and co-learners for a month;
  • Enrollment is capped in order to maintain low student-faculty ratios and maximize individual attention from the instructors.

Beginning February 7th, 2017

ISSP's new series of two-week courses details stakeholder engagement strategies, essential workshops for sustainability professionals managing sustainability initiatives as consultants or in their own organizations. The first course in the series, Community Engagement with Kathryn Cooper, starts tomorrow! Join us for Community Engagement, and reserve your seat now for Employee and Supply Chain Engagement. ISSP Members can register for significant discount. Members of AASHE, STAR Communities, and USDN also receive discounts on the series and its individual courses. Register for all three courses for an additional 20% off, so register now!

Community Engagement with Kathryn Cooper

Increasingly business, municipalities and other organizations are recognizing that stakeholder engagement is essential. Stakeholder engagement can be either an enabler of, or barrier to, an organization's goals. Join us as we identify the significance, purpose, benefits, and best practices of stakeholder engagement in the context of community and organizational engagement.

Employee Engagement with Wendy Firlotte

Organizations of all sizes and functions consistently indicate their biggest employee engagement pain point is lack of participation. The primary hurdle here is that few organizations are able to authentically translate their engagement strategies into aligned and transformational employee action. In this module we will cover the foundations for planning and implementing a sustainability engagement strategy. We will break down the process and framework needed to create an effective sustainability movement and the key elements for success from start to finish.

Supply Chain Engagement with Robb Dods 

Sustainability is likely to be THE defining business issue of the 21st century. Every purchase of goods or services commits a portion of your organization to operate on either a sustainable or an unsustainable basis. All procurements include financial responsibility considerations; and many incorporate environmental responsibility, but few include any social responsibility considerations. In this module, we will comprehensively cover the importance of sustainable procurement and supply chain engagement and how to mazimize your efforts in greening your supply chain.

ISSP 2016 Course List

Our 2017 calendar is filling up! Register for courses on our Calendar of Events

Learning Event Title Date Instructor
Assessing Organizational Sustainability with S-CORE(TM) Jan 2017 Darcy Hitchcock
Stakeholder Engagement Strategies Feb 2016 See course description
Storytelling for Sustainability Mar 2016 Jeff Leinaweaver
Strategy Tools for Sustainability Transformation Apr 2016 Alan AtKisson
Biomimicry Jun 2016 Mary Hansel
Life Cycle Assessment 101 Jul 2016 Tom Gloria
SPaRK Sustainability Planning Sep 2016 Marsha Willard
Sustaining Sustainability Oct 2016 Dorothy Atwood
Leadership Skills for Change Agents Nov 2016 Bob Willard
Sustainability 101 Self-Study Darcy Hitchcock
How to Get a Job in Sustainability Self-Study ISSP & SBC
S-CORE(TM) Self-Study Self-Study Darcy Hitchcock
S-CORE(TM) Master Class Master Class Darcy Hitchcock & Maureen Hart


Refunds for event cancellations

If you cancel a month or more before a course begins, we will refund 100% of your payment less any Paypal fees; 22-30 days out the refund is 75% of payment; 15-21 days 50%; 7-14 days 25%. Cancellation with less than a week's notice results in no refund. A transfer from one course to another is handled the same as cancellation.