The ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame serves to formally recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to sustainability and to the professionals who dedicate their careers to the field of sustainability. Candidates, nominated by any and every ISSP member, are honored based on their accomplishments in the areas of experience, education, innovation, reach, publication and service to the industry.


Our first group of nominees were inducted and honored at ISSP Conference 2011 in Portland, Oregon.


All of the finalists are certainly giants in the field of sustainability, whose shoulders we all stand on as a profession,” says Marsha Willard, ISSP board member and founder. Establishment of the ISSP Hall of Fame reflects the continued evolution of the sustainability field, and sets a high standard for those who will come after us.”



Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface, Inc. and one of sustainability's earliest pioneers. After experiencing a “spear in the chest” epiphany over 17 years ago, Ray altered the direction of his petro-intensive company forever. Inspired by his vision, Mission Zero is Interface's promise to eliminate any negative impact its companies may have on the environment by 2020.






Gil Friend, president and CEO of Natural Logic, Inc., a leading sustainability strategy firm. Friend has been a central figure in the sustainability movement for 40 years, and has helped drive the creation of the sustainability consulting arena over the past twenty years. He is the author of The Truth About Green Business, which was ranked as a top "must read" sustainability book in a recent Triple Pundit survey. 





Amory B. Lovins, chairman and chief scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, who has been active at the nexus of energy, resources, security, environment, development, and economy in more than 50 countries for 40 years.







Karl Henrik Robert, a Swedish cancer researcher and founder of The Natural Step framework for sustainable development. In recent years, he has focused his scientific research through the Real Change Program, an international initiative linking university research specialization in real world application using The Natural Step framework.  




Bob Willard, a leading expert on quantifying and selling the business case for sustainability. He is a teacher, speaker and author whose books include The Sustainability Advantage, The Next Sustainability Wave and The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook.





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