The ISSP New Member Ambassador Program allows longer-term ISSP members to welcome new members to ISSP; help them become familiar with ISSP’s mission, resources and member benefits; and facilitate networking among new and existing ISSP members in their region, including hosting Regional Learning Network meetings for ISSP members in their region.

ISSP members can contact their Ambassadors using the ISSP Member Directory. Just search for your Ambassador, click on their name, and then click Contact.

List of Current Ambassadors


Frequently-Asked Questions

Will the new members I am assigned be in my state or region?

For the most part, yes unless you decide you are willing to branch out to members outside of your state or region. If you are outside the United States, it is more likely that some of the members you are assigned will not be in your region or country.

Will Ambassadors be expected to seek out potential new members?

No, We are not asking you to reach out to potential new members, although we certainly hope that all ISSP members will tell colleagues and others interested in sustainability about ISSP. For this program, a better term might be 'ISSP New Member Ambassadors" as we are asking you to reach out to people who have recently joined ISSP. However, that is a mouthful so we have shortened it to ISSP Ambassadors.