Education Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ISSP Education Partner Program?

A: The ISSP Education Partner Program recognizes institutions that offer high quality educational and training opportunities. These organizations help provide existing and aspiring sustainability professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to meet existing and future challenges as they work to make sustainability standard practice around the world.

Q: What is the purpose of the ISSP Education Partner Program?

A: The purpose of the ISSP Education Partner Program program is to foster relationships between ISSP and high quality sustainability educational organizations worldwide who share ISSP’s vision to make sustainability standard practices and who can help shape and inform the ISSP Sustainability Professionals Certification program.

Q: What are the main offerings of the ISSP Education Partner Program?

A: The specific benefits of the program are many, but they can be grouped into these three key areas:

  • Recognition of organizations that deliver superior education to sustainability professionals.
  • Guidance to organizations that provide training and information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by sustainability professionals in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Expert insight into what employers of sustainability professionals are seeking.

Q: Who can be an ISSP Education Partner?

A: The ISSP Education Partner program is for educational institutions that provide programs of study based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities described in the Sustainability Professional Body of Knowledge and the Job Task Analysis, organizations that provide test preparation courses specifically for the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP exams, and organizations that offer ongoing continuing education units (CEUs) for those seeking to maintain their ISSP certifications.

Q: Does an Education Partner have to be accredited?

A: An eligible Education Partner must be accredited by a reputable accrediting body, or otherwise provide documentation that the organization's operations and policies meet the standard required for accreditation.

Q: Do all of an Education Partner's professors or instructors have to be certified by ISSP?

A: We do not require professors teaching content related to the ISSP Job Task Analysis to be certified as long as the content is spread across a program of study. Rather, we only require that ISSP-certified educators be involved in the process of creating course material or administering the courses (this could be someone in the same department, for example, who helped design the syllabus).

However, if an institution offers ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP exam preparatory courses - specifically designed to prepare students for those ISSP exams - then we require those instructors to be certified to the level they are preparing students for.

Q: What are the specific benefits of being an ISSP Education Partner?

A: Benefits for ISSP Education Partners include:

  • 2 free ISSP individual memberships as well as discounted rates on additional memberships
  • Access to ISSP intellectual property and educational resources
  • Recognition as a qualified ISSP Education Partner on the ISSP website
  • ISSP promotional material, and through ISSP social media outlets
  • Promotion of programs and courses on the ISSP website and through ISSP mailings
  • Use of an ISSP Education Partner logo and other marketing materials to attract students
  • Discounted rates on ads in the ISSP Newsletters and on the ISSP website

Check out our brochure for more details!

Q: Does ISSP put links to Education Partners on your website?

A: Yes. Education Partners create profiles, including links, that are listed in our Education Partner Directory. ISSP links to the Directory in much of our promotional material, including notifications for ISSP Certification candidates, in order to drive traffic to Education Partner websites and offerings. Education Partners can further their exposure to the ISSP community through purchasing an ad in our newsletter or on the website.

Q: How does one become an Education Partner?

A: Aspiring ISSP Education Partners must complete an online application process. An applying organization must be able to demonstrate that its mission aligns with ISSP’s and that it follows the ISSP Code of Ethical Practice and Values.

Other requirements include a history of high quality sustainability-related educational offerings, instructors, and course developers who have ISSP certification (requirement may be waived in the first year of the program to allow individuals time to obtain the certification), and accreditation by a recognized accrediting body or documentation that the organization's operations and policies meet the standard required for accreditation.

There is a yearly membership fee of $750 (nonprofits and public institutions pay just $550), plus a one-time application fee of $250.

Q: Who do I contact with further questions?

A: For more information, send an email to Include “Ed Partners” in the subject line.