As a sustainability professional, do you ever feel a need to be more connected to sustainability practitioners in other organizations?  Would you like an opportunity to connect with sustainability professionals in your region - share success stories and best practices, get/give feedback or suggestions about challenges, or simply talk with other people who understand what you do?

ISSP’s Regional Learning Networks are for you! These virtual get-togethers allow ISSP members to network, share resources, and learn from one another, virtually. Regional meetings are part of the ISSP Ambassador Program and will be facilitated by the Ambassadors in a particular region or by ISSP staff.

If you are an ISSP member and interested in taking part in a regional virtual meeting or in helping facilitate meetings in your region, please fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form. Or check out the ISSP Calendar of Events to see if there is a Regional Learning Network already scheduled for your region.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the meetings held?
The individual Regional Learning Networks will be run and managed by the members in that region who will decide together how often to meet and plan the structure and topics to be covered. Initially the meetings will be held at lunchtime (noon-1pm) in the time zone. Think of it as a ‘green bag’ lunch meeting where you can participate from your own office (time and carbon efficient!)

How are the regions defined?
To begin with, regions will be defined somewhat broadly, based on timezones. After we see where there is sufficient interest, we will narrow down the groups to make conversations easier.

Do I have to be located in a particular region to participate in that Regional Learning Network?
Initially we ask that members only attend a meeting in their region. If there is no region that seems to fit for you, please fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form so we know about your interest and can get one started for your area. Or, contact the ISSP Ambassador  for your region to let them know you want to help organize a meeting.

Will Regional Learning Network members ever meet face-to-face?
We anticipate that, as members get to know each other, in-person meetings will be scheduled, since face-to-face meetings are a lot more fun.  However, the initial focus is on a low-carbon, time-efficient way to get to acquainted and build interest in getting together in person. 

What about forming a Network around a particular topic rather than geographic region?
We are open to forming ‘affinity groups’ of people who want to talk about particular topics or industries regardless of location. However, we would need a core group of at least 8 people interested in a topic to get this started.  Be sure to fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form so we know about your interest.

What Regional Learning Networks already exist?  
We have meetings scheduled in late September (see the ISSP Calendar of Events) for Eastern Canada and for Asia Pacific. Planning is under way for meetings in the Chicago region, Colorado, California, and Texas.  If you are interested in any of those, contact the Ambassador or local Chapter chair for the region. 

Can I organize a Regional Learning Network for my region?
Yes! If you are interested in being part of this new program, please use the Volunteer Form to let us know you would like to be an ISSP Ambassador and organize a Regional Learning Network. (Note that this activity qualifies for CEU credits for maintaining ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP Credentials).