Since 2011, ISSP has honored a select group of industry pioneers with induction into the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame ™.  Membership in the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame is based on a person's leadership in the sustainability field. See a full listing of all members of the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame here.

At ISSP Conference 2014 in Denver, five members of the Hall of Fame participated in a panel discussion that was moderated by ISSP co-founder Marsha Willard. The panelists included:

  • Bob Willard, Teacher, Speaker and Author of The Sustainability Advantage
  • Jeffrey Hollender Founder and CEO of Hollender Sustainable Brands.
  • Susan Burns, CEO of Global Footprint Network.
  • Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz Group Inc. 
  • Hunter Lovins, Founder and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions.

In this fascinating presentation, these sustainability leaders covered the topics below and more.

  • As sustainability professionals, what are we not doing that we should be doing to help move the needle?
  • What happens if we get things right?
  • What's the difference between working on environmental issues and sustainability issues?
  • How do we help companies operate in the new normal of global scarcity?
  • How do we apply systems thinking to make sure that social equity is part of the conversation?

 Check out the full presentation below: