The ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification exams are computer-based, closed-book, multiple-choice tests and must be taken without the use of any online or hard copy reference documents or any assistance from another individual.

The ISSP-SA examination requires successful completion of 75-item random multiple choice questions and must be completed within 2 hours. The ISSP-CSP examination requires successful completion of 100-item random multiple choice questions and must be completed within 2.5 hours. 

Exam Delivery

Our partner, Kryterion Global Testing Solutions, provides proctoring services for all ISSP credential exams through their secure and robust testing platform. Kryterion handles all transactions relating to scheduling and taking the exams through their website, Webassessor.

ISSP’s credentialing exams are delivered, year-round, through Kryterion, either at a testing center or online with virtual proctoring.

  • Place-based examinations - Place-based exams use a physical proctoring system, taking place at any one of hundreds of Kryterion testing centers worldwide.

  • Online examinations - Online exams are proctored virtually and can be taken anywhere you have an internet connection, microphone, and external webcam. NOTE: Before scheduling your exam, we recommend your read Kryterion’s Test Taker Guide to ensure you have the required system configuration.

ISSP Certification exams are offered year-round on a rolling basis, and can be taken from any time zone. Online proctored exams can be scheduled 24/7.


All scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations of ISSP’s credentialing exams are handled through the Kryterion website. Since this is a different system from the ISSP website, your ISSP user ID/password WILL NOT work on the Webassessor site.  You need to create a separate Kryterion user account to register for the ISSP exams.

Rescheduling or Cancellations

Test takers can reschedule or cancel an exam on their own by logging into the Exam Center, clicking the Home tab in the blue bar, and scrolling down to manage their scheduled exams. Please do not email ISSP asking for us to reschedule or cancel your exam, unless you require support or assistance in doing so.

Reschedules or cancellations are free outside of 72 hours before an onsite exam or 24 hours before an online proctored exam. Within those windows, test takers will incur a fee for rescheduling or cancelling their exams.

Special Accommodations

If you have a documented disability that would prevent you from taking an ISSP professional exam under normal testing conditions, you may request accommodations. ISSP complies with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, entities that administer standardized examinations must offer the examinations in a place and manner that is accessible to candidates with disabilities. This may require reasonable modifications to the manner in which the exam is administered. Kryterion, ISSP’s exam delivery company, will provide candidates reasonable auxiliary aids and services, except where it may fundamentally alter the validity of the exam results. Available accommodations include, but are not limited to, a reader, a scribe, and extended testing time.

If you require testing accommodations, you and your health care provider will each need to document the disability and the need for accommodation at least 60 days prior to taking the exam. To do this, please take the following steps BEFORE YOU REGISTER for your exam.

  1. Download and complete one form, the following two forms:

  2. Scan the forms, saving in PDF format.

  3. Email the forms to, providing the following information in the subject line:

    “ISSP Credential Exam Special Accommodations - [Your last name], [Your first name].”

  4. Forms must be submitted at least 60 days before you would like the test to occur.

  5. ISSP will review the documentation and respond to the accommodation request within 30 days of receiving the requisite documentation.

  6. If approved, ISSP will alert Kryterion of the necessary accommodations, who will assist you in scheduling the exam.