Active Hope

This is an antidote to the despair many of us in the sustainability profession feel about the state of the world. The authors provide concepts and tools for us to find satisfaction in our efforts besides the challenges. It includes stories and also exercises and in this way is similar to doing one of Joanna’s workshops, although doing it alone will not be as impactful.

Resilience Thinking

Good overview of resilience as a concept. Chapter 4, in particular, is a good overview of the adaptive cycle (the figure 8 on its side: exploitation/rapid growth, conservation, release, and reorganization), much easier for the non-scientist to understand that the book Panarchy.


The Heath brothers have done it again. They’ve written an entertaining book filled with important and practical insights. This book is about how to create shifts in behavior, especially when you or others have resisted them in the past. They use a metaphor for the parts of our brain: the rider and the elephant.