Expeditors Discovers a Simple, Powerful Way to Manage Complex Sustainability Data

Expeditors, a global logistics firm headquartered in Seattle, cut its energy use, waste and costs by launching a sustainability-tracking strategy using a new, cloud-based software tool, Scope 5. See the attached one-page case study. www.Scope5.com

Changing Business from the Inside Out, a Treehugger's Guide to Working in Corporations.

To the acclaim of many, Timothy Mohin delivers what he promises, a "manual on how to steer the corporate supertanker toward doing good for people and our planet." If you have achieved a corporate social responsibility title, or are strategizing to gain that sustainability position, and want to make a difference, Mohin will mentor you through the steps he honed working for Advanced Micro Devices, EORM, Apple, and Intel.

Soyka, Peter A. 2012. Creating a Sustainable Organization: Approaches for Enhancing Corporate Value through Sustainability.

Peter Soyka’s book, Creating a Sustainable Organization, is a very thoughtful and well-researched book designed to help businesses and their management teams respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by today’s emerging environmental issues.