ISO 26000: The Business Guide to the New Standard on Social Responsibility

I approached this book with great trepidation. Any book seeking to provide a complete and balanced overview of the new standard on social responsibility ("SR"), given its broad scope of seven core topics and its genesis in a fractious multi-stakeholder process, faces a daunting task. And the authors, Moratis and Cochius, while apparently seasoned CSR consultants, were not players in the international-level ISO/SR process.

Soul of Money

This is a book about the excessive impact money has on our lives and how we can realign how we use it in-tune with our values. She tells some interesting stories. I was especially moved by the stories from the Women’s Conference, including that of an Indian woman who came to tell her story of being burned by her family (an all too common practice associated with the dowry) before she died so that her life could have meaning.

The Sustainability Advantage: Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line

"What would happen if companies unleashed the untapped creative energies of all their people and encouraged them to help fulfill the vision of sustainable development?" Bob Willard sets out to challenge the reader with what could be, a vision of running a profitable organization because of a focus on sustainability vs. a more traditional and singular focus on the economic indicators.