Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy that Makes Everything Work.

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Our Common Wealth is an absolute joy to read. Jonathan Rowe insightfully articulates feelings held deep within many of us that an essential part of our human experience is being co-opted and stolen. Rowe discusses why such feelings exist as well as actions that can regain these pieces of our humanity.


This book is a good summary of what is wrong with our economy and what we need to do instead. If you’ve already read a lot about this, as I have, a lot may be redundant. But I did come across a number of different innovations I hadn’t heard about including slow travel, Adobe Alliance, Slipform construction, Bergman’s New Work concepts, Aerogarden, Fablab, Factor-e Farm, Green for All, Green Worker Coop.

Balaton Group

Purpose of the Balaton Group

To accelerate and deepen the world's general understanding of three factors that are fundamental to sustainable development:

• systems orientation
• long-term perspective
• unshakeable personal commitment to achieving positive change.


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Spontaneous Evolution

coverLipton, Bruce H and Steve Bhaerman (2009) Spontaneous Evolution: Our positive future (and a way to get there from here). Carlsbad, CA: Hay House.