As a sustainability professional, do you ever feel a need to be more connected to sustainability practitioners in other organizations?  Would you like an opportunity to connect with sustainability professionals in your region - to share success stories and best practices, get and give feedback and suggestions about challenges, and simply talk with other people who understand what you do?

ISSP’s Chapters and Regional Learning Networks are for you! These groups offer in-person and live-online events to allow ISSP members to network, share resources, and learn from one another.  Check out our Calendar of Events for upcoming meetings or fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form to let us know you’d like to help facilitate meetings in your region.

Current Chapters and Regional Learning Networks (Use the links below or the ISSP Member Directory to contact the Chapter or Network in your region)

   Region     Contact                                Region    Contact
Asia-Pacific Maria Dian Nurani   Colorado Caitlin Rood or Jeff Yorzyk
Alberta Trina Hoffarth   Australia & New Zealand Fabian Sack & Cameron Little
Toronto Edwin Lim   Minnesota Jennifer Kruse & Shannon Pinc
Eastern Canada Kathryn Cooper   Greater New York City Region Mark Wolf & Kristia Janowski
Europe (including UK) Paola FioreRenaud Richard, & Brenda Sullivan   Portland, OR Marsha Willard
Indonesia Maria Dian Nurani   Greater St. Louis Region Marcia Lochmann or Kyle Crawford
United Arab Emirates Aglaia Ntili   Seattle Janet Charnley & Jaqueline Drumheller
California Alice Sung & Shaun Warner   Texas Lori Delacruz Lewis
Greater Chicago Amy Glawe   Wisconsin Stacie Reece & Mark Starik
Mid-Atlantic Marleen Troy   New England Kris Coperine & Tim Hawley


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Chapters and Regional Learning Networks?

Regional Learning Networks (RLNs) are facilitated by a in a particular region or by ISSP staff, while Chapters are stand-alone localized organizations run by ISSP members and volunteers.  RLNs tend to focus on virtual meetings, while Chapters tend to focus on in-person events.

When are events held?

Local Chapters and Regional Learning Networks (RLNs) are run and managed by each group’s members, who decide together how often to meet, how to structure the meetings, and the topics to be covered. Some groups hold monthly meetings, others meet less frequently.

How are regions defined?

Regions are defined to best serve the members within them, and can vary in size based on the distribution and interest of the ISSP members who manage the meetings. Regions range from individual metropolitan areas like the Greater NYC Chapter, to regions like Eastern Canada and countries such as the Indonesia Chapter, and to larger areas like the European RLN.

Do I have to be located in a particular region to participate in that Chapter or Regional Learning Network?

In general, yes - regional events are designed to foster networking and community building within the defined area, however, if an RLN event topic is of interest to you, please feel free to participate in that meeting.  If there is no region that seems to fit for you, please fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form so we know about your interest to get one started for your area. 

What about face-to-face events?

Both Chapters and RLNs do hold in-person networking and knowledge-building events (and sometimes even retreats!).  However, the majority of RLN events are held online as a low-carbon, time-efficient way to get to acquainted and build interest in getting together in person.  Think of these events as ‘green bag’ lunches where you can participate from your own office.  See our Calendar of Member Events for upcoming events.

What about forming a Network around a particular topic rather than geographic region?

We are open to forming ‘affinity groups’ of people who want to talk about particular topics or industries regardless of location. However, a core group of at least 8 people interested in a topic should be identified to get this started.  Be sure to fill out the Regional Learning Network Interest Form so we know about your interest.

Can I organize a Chapter or Regional Learning Network for my region?

Yes!  Please use the Volunteer Form to let us know you would like organize a Regional Learning Network. (Note that this activity qualifies for CEU credits for maintaining ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP Credentials).  Successful regional networks are run by an an organizing committee of 2-5 ISSP members.  A Regional Learning Network Guidance Document is available for more information on what is required to run a network and what support ISSP staff and headquarters will provide. Note:  successful RLNs may evolve into Chapters in the future.