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With Spencer Curry, co-founder of FRESH Farm Aquaponics.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Sustainable Aquaponics: The Future of Food

Recorded live on Thursday January 8, 2015 at 11:00 am PDT / 2:00 pm EDT.

Global populations are rising, arable land is shrinking, potable water is being polluted more and more while droughts are becoming more common.  Now, imagine a food system that is self-contained and uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture; produces 7-10 times more food per square foot over traditional agriculture; and uses absolutely no harmful chemicals or GMOs, thereby reducing agricultural pollution by 99%.  These numbers may seem large, but they are backed up by the amazing technology of aquaponics.

This webinar will teach you the basics of aquaponics, the vital foundational knowledge that will change the way you view the future of food.  Aquaponics is a rapidly evolving technology in an accelerating industry.  Advanced agricultural techniques are needed, now, to address the needs of our not-so-distant future.

Register for this ISSP Webinar and learn how to:

  • Grow your own food sustainably using aquaponics
  • Recognize the scalable opportunities of aquaponics, from the desktop to backyard to commercial systems
  • Understand the little-known secret to aquaponics mastery - what we call the Aquaponics Trifecta
  • Experience the ancient past and bright future of this amazing technology
  • Identify the major revenue streams associated with aquaponics

Who should attend?

  • Sustainability Entrepreneurs
  • Project/Environmental Engineers
  • Impact Investors
  • Current farmers or agricultural operations
  • Anyone who cherishes high-quality, sustainably grown food


Spencer Curry is a co-founder of FRESH Farm Aquaponics.  With a formal education in Latin and Philosophy, Spencer is not your typical farmer.  Spencer is dedicated to sustainable principles and leveraging modern technology for the good of the triple bottom line.  A self-identified autodidact (lifelong learner), Spencer's education rapidly expanded outside of the classic University setting.  Collecting virtual mentors and traditional mentors alike, Spencer learned modern aquaponic techniques as well as the digital marketing skills needed to bring this technology to the world.  Spencer is intimate with all types of aquaponic gardening techniques, with a specialization in cold-seasons aquaponics.  His skills also include search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, email and content marketing, and social media marketing.  Spencer has worked with aquaponics on multiple scales, from the desktop to the backyard to the commercial.

Kieran ForanKieran Foran co-founded FRESH Farm Aquaponics in 2012 after graduating from Northeastern University.  Prior to graduation, Kieran chanced upon aquaponics through his friend and co-founder Spencer Curry.  The two became obsessed with the possibilities of aquaponics and the way it could revolutionize today's food system challenges.  Together with Spencer he started the company FRESH Farm Aquaponics with the goal to be the change they wanted to see in the world.  FRESH Farm is one of CT's first benefit corporations.  As such, it is committed as a business to consider the social and environmental impact of every decision.

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January 8, 2015 11:00 AM
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