In order to register for and take the ISSP-CSP exam, each candidate must first submit an application showing they meet the eligibilty requirements. This application must then be approved by the ISSP-CSP Review Committee.

There is a nonrefundable application fee that must be paid before an application will be reviewed. This is separate from the exam fee which must be paid once an applicant as been accepted - learn more about exam fees here.

Candidates whose applications are accepted will receive information on paying and registering for the ISSP-CSP exam. Follow the instructions below to continue the ISSP-CSP application process. 


  1. Review the ISSP-CSP eligibility requirements.
  2. Download the ISSP-CSP Application.
  3. Download the ISSP-CSP Reference Form. Copies of this form must be distributed to three references.
  4. Gather the required application materials, including the three references. Please allow adequate time to put together this information.
  5. Pay the nonrefundable application fee by clicking Apply Now below.
  6. Follow the next set of instructions to submit your application. Applications submitted without payment of the application fee will not be acknowledged or considered.

For more detailed application instructions and policies, please refer to the Candidate Handbook. For information about exam fees, study material, and other details, see the Application page or the FAQ.

Note: Members who are logged into their ISSP account will see a price of $75 once they click on 'Apply'. Otherwise, the nonmember price ($150) or ISSP Partner price ($100) may be selected as appropriate. See the ISSP Partners page for more information about the Partner discount.

April 3, 2017 12:00 AM
ISSP-CSP Application Fee
Application Fee $ 150.00
Application Fee for ISSP Partners $ 100.00
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