The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) is the world's leading professional association of sustainability professionals. We work to make sustainability standard practice through empowering professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe. As a professional association, ISSP improves the skills of sustainability practitioners through education, knowledge sharing, research, and professional credentials.

Much of the work that ISSP accomplishes is the result of member volunteers working in committees. The current ISSP committees are listed below. To learn more or volunteer on a committee, please contact us.

Board of Directors

Although not technically a committee, the ISSP Board of Directors are all committed ISSP member volunteers who donate a great deal of their time ensure ISSP’s efforts are focused on achieving ISSP’s vision. In addition to participating in Board Activities, ISSP Board Members chair the four Standing Committees described in the by-laws:

Most other ISSP committees are subcommittees of those four. Membership on the ISSP Board of Directors is governed by the ISSP By-Laws and nominations are solicited every November. If you are interested in serving on the ISSP Board of Directors, please review the ISSP Board Handbook and respond to the yearly call for nominations when it is issued.

Membership and Sponsorship Committee

Engage ISSP members and sponsors in ISSP activities by increasing membership, improving member retention, supporting ISSP Chapters, and identifying ways to improve the benefits that ISSP offers to its members.

Volunteer Committee

As ISSP is mostly a volunteer-driven organization, it is important to effectively manage the member volunteers. The purpose of this committee is to manage the volunteer program - promoting volunteer opportunities, matching interested members with available opportunities, and celebrating the contributions of the volunteers, thus ensuring the overall success of ISSP and the continuous development and growth of the sustainability profession globally. Duties of Volunteer Committee members include:

  • Assist with volunteer recruitment
  • Plan and execute volunteer recognition efforts
  • Estimated Time Commitment - 2 hrs/month

Education & Professional Development Committee

Provides timely and relevant sustainability-related education and professional development opportunities for ISSP members and others in the sustainability field. Creates globally relevant and accessible professional credentials for sustainability professionals.

Education Committee

Oversees the development and delivery of ISSP's educational offerings, including monthly courses. 

Webinar Committee

ISSP’s Webinar Program provides high-quality content that is a key member benefit and provides ongoing professional development opportunities for members and other sustainability professionals. Duties of webinar committee members include:

  • Identify topics and presenters for future webinars
  • Contact presenters to confirm interest/appropriateness
  • Finalize webinar content and schedule the webinars in consultation with the ISSP Education Coordinator

Certification Committee

Responsible for overseeing the ISSP credentialing process and creating a successful certification requires that industry professionals and the educational community are aligned with and aware of the certification process.

Certification Scheme Committee

The Scheme Committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the credentials that ISSP offers. Currently there are two credential scheme: ISSP-SA (Sustainability Associate) and ISSP-CSP (Certified Sustainability Professional).  The Certification Schemes describe:

  • The scope, job and task description
  • The competencies and abilities required to receive the certification
  • The eligibility criteria, including prerequisites and a code of conduct
  • The application, review, recertification, and grievance processes
Credential Maintenance Committee

The ISSP Credential Maintenance Committee is charged with overseeing the process for ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP to maintain their credentials through ongoing professional development opportunities. These professional development opportunities allow ISSP-SAs and ISSP-CSPs to stay current on the skills, knowledge, and abilities required of sustainability professionals. The committee is responsible for defining the requirements for renewing credentials including the criteria required of appropriate educational opportunities for that ISSP credential holders.

  • Estimated Time Commitment - 4 hrs/month
ISSP-CSP Application Review Committee

The ISSP-CSP Application Review Committee determines the eligibility of candidates for the ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) credential exam. Individual committee members review applications, CVs, and references, while the committee as a whole continues to clarify and improve the rubric for ISSP-CSP eligibility.

  • Estimated Time Commitment - 1hr/application, plus occasional meetings
Certification Test Committee

The Certification Test Committee manages the tests that applicants for certification must pass, which demonstrates they have a minimum level of knowledge required to practice as a Sustainability Associate, or a Certified Sustainability Professional.

    Research and Resources Committee  

    Build and maintain the ISSP repository of current sustainability research and resources, hosted on the website, for professionals practicing the sustainability discipline.

    Study Guide Task Force

    The ISSP Study Guide Task Force is developing content for a series of ISSP authored publications related to the ISSP credentialing process, including:

    • Candidate Handbook
    • Key Knowledge and Competencies
    • ISSP-SA Study Guide
    • ISSP-CSP Study Guide
    • Reference Manual

    Volunteers are needed to draft original content as well as review and edit content drafted by others.

    Book Review Committee

    ISSP’s Book Review program involves member volunteers reviewing books and writing reviews that are published by on the ISSP website and in ISSP's monthly newsletter. Books are selected by volunteers or ISSP is approached by authors and publishers interested in having a book reviewed. The ISSP Book Review Coordinator is responsible for managing the program.  

    Knowledge Base Development

    The purpose of the Knowledge Base Development Committee is to help ISSP members stay informed of current developments in sustainability research we see to develop sources of high-quality sustainability reports, authored by industry leaders. Volunteers can help by identifying and developing ongoing information sources on topics of interest to our membership from sources such as:

    • ISSP webinar presenters
    • Strategic & Educational Partners
    • ISSP membership submissions
    • Case studies
    Sustainability Tools Committee

    The purpose of the Sustainability Tools Committee is to strengthen the quality and quantity of tools ISSP provide sustainability practitioners that support and improve their skills. We welcome volunteers who will:

    • Update the posted Resource Directories from 2010 and 2011, while identifying effective sustainability planning and implementation tools, similar to S-CORE™, which we might offer through our website.
    • Develop an “ambassador package” that will help small business members gain visibility, credibility, and business. Included in package will be logos, tools, collateral, and other resources to help sell their services.

    Policy and Partnerships Committee

    Identify, guide, and support strategic opportunities to work with other sustainability-related organizations in ways that will leverage ISSP’s overall mission worldwide.

    Education Partner Program

    ISSP is developing an Education Partner Program for educational providers to be involved in the process. Education Partners will work to ensure the certification, initial training, and continuing education for sustainability professionals align and meet the needs of industry.