To ensure ISSP credential holders maintain a high level of expertise over time, and to help drive the sustainability profession forward, all ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP credential holders are required to renew their credentials every two years after they were awarded.

We require that our credential holders engage in sustainability-related professional development activities during each reporting period. One only needs to renew the highest level of credential earned.

Check out the Credential Maintenance Guidebook and online FAQ for more information about renewal policies and earning CEUs. Still have questions? Can’t find your Credential Document or expiration date? Send us an email at!



Credential holders need to renew before the expiration date listed on their Credential Document. This expiration date is two years after earning the credential; three years if you were a participant in one of the Betas during 2015 and early 2016. You can start the renewal process anytime within the final year your credential is valid.

Similarly, the reporting period for CEUs is the time between the award and expiration date listed on your Credential Document. Activities can be counted for CEUs if they occurred during this time.

Check your Credential Document for your credential's expiration date, and send us an email at if you’re not sure when your credential expires.