ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP credential holders are required to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over the two-year period during which their credential is valid in order to remain eligible for renewal. Specific information about how to earn and report CEUs, as well as other policies, can be found in this Credential Maintenance Guidebook. If you have questions, be sure to check the Credential Maintenance FAQ.

For more information about earning an ISSP credential, please review our Apply for Exam page, the Certification FAQ, or the Candidate Handbook. With further questions about the credentialing program, please reach out to

List of Pre-Approved Events

The following are lists of events which have been pre-approved to earn a defined number of CEUs for ISSP credential holders. Please see page 4 of the Credential Maintenance Guidebook for more information on the difference between pre-approved and non pre-approved activities as they relate to earning CEUs.

Pre-Approved Conferences & Events

Pre-Approved Courses & Programs of Study

Pre-Approved Webinars & Modules

Do I need to get my activities pre-approved?

Pre-approval is NOT required for individuals to earn CEUs for their activities. As long as activities conform to the guidelines outlined in the Credential Maintenance Guidebook (essentially, having content related to any part of the ISSP Job Task Analysis), credential holders should safely assume they count for CEUs upon applying for credential renewal.

Here are examples of events or organizations whose activities are eligible for earning CEUs. Rather than serving as an exhaustive list, these examples are meant to give credential holders an idea of the kinds of activities would earn CEUs. Please refer to the Credential Maintenance Guidebook to calculate how many CEUs attendance or membership would earn in each case.

Example Conferences & Events

  • AASHE Annual Conference
  • Ceres
  • GLOBE Series
  • GreenBiz
  • ISSP conferences
  • Responsible Business Summit
  • The SRI Conference
  • Sustainable Brands (including New Metrics)

Example Organizations (CEUs earned through membership)



If you are an ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP and you're unsure that an activity conforms to those guidelines, please fill out a CEU Pre-Approval Request Form and email it to This form of pre-approval only applies to the individual who requests it.

If you represent an organization that administers activities which conform to the guidelines outlined in the Credential Maintenance Guidebook, having those activities pre-approved is a great way to attract the participation of ISSP credential holders. If you would like to apply for pre-approval for your conference, event, course, webinar, or other activity, click here.  


Tracking and Reporting CEUs

ISSP is developing an online CEU tracking and reporting system using our Learning Center which will available by the end of the summer of 2018.

In the meantime, credential holders can track their CEUs using the ISSP-SA CEU Tracking Sheet or ISSP-CSP CEU Tracking Sheet. These spreadsheets are not for official reporting use, but are instead tools for credential holders to document their CEU-earning activities, as well as keep pace with the documentation for each activity required in the case of an audit.

Please note that the tracking spreadsheets work best in Microsoft Excel.

Displaying your credentials

Professional credentials aren’t just for hanging on the wall; they’re a great way to tell the world that you’ve earned recognition for your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Your ISSP credential attests to your expertise as a sustainability professional, and making sure it’s displayed publicly in CVs, bios, professional networking platforms (like LinkedIn, Meetup, or Xing), and even email signatures can help build your personal brand.

ISSP credential holders must display their credentials as either: 

ISSP-SA      or            ISSP Sustainability Associate

ISSP-CSP    or            ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional

The reason we require this level of specificity is that there are many organizations currently offering certificates (not true credentials) related to sustainability. If a credential holder does not think the ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP acronyms are sufficiently clear as a designation, we suggest they spell out their credentials ("ISSP Sustainability Associate" or "ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional").

Don’t be shy! Proudly displaying your ISSP credential is the best way to put it to use opening doors for your sustainability career.