Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Your ISSP Credential


Q. What do I need to do in order to maintain my ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP credential?

A. ISSP credential holders are required to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to renew their credential two years after it has been awarded. CEUs can be earned through various professional development activities, including attending conferences and events, participating in courses or webinars, or even being a member of certain organizations (such as ISSP). For more information about earning CEUs, please see the Credential Maintenance Guidebook.


Q. When do I need to renew my ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP credential? What's the reporting period for CEUs?

A. Credential holders need to renew before the expiration date listed on their Credential Document. This expiration date is two years after earning the credential; three years if you were a participant in one of the Betas during 2015 and early 2016. You can start the renewal process anytime within the final year your credential is valid.

Similarly, the reporting period for CEUs is the time between the award and expiration date listed on your Credential Document. Activities can be counted for CEUs if they occurred during this time.

Note: a special extension has been given to all credential holders up for renewal before January 31st, 2019; their credentials are now valid until that date. Check your Credential Document for your credential's expiration date; send us an email at if you can't find your credential's expiration date.


Q. Is there a cost associated with renewing my credential?

A. The renewal fee for the ISSP-SA credential is $75 for ISSP members and $150 for non-members. The renewal fee for the ISSP-CSP is $100 for members and $200 for non-members. One may only renew the highest level of credential earned.


Q. How do I track and report my CEUs?

A. As part of the renewal process, credential holders must submit a completed ISSP-SA Tracking Sheet or ISSP-CSP Tracking sheet. See the Tracking & Reporting CEUs section of the Credential Maintenance overview page for more information.

You'll be sent instructions on how to submit your CEU Tracking Sheets after starting the renewal process.


Q. How many CEUs do I need to maintain my credential?

A. ISSP-SAs are required to earn 16 CEUs during their reporting period and ISSP-CSPs are required to earn 32 CEUs during their reporting period.


Q. Do I need to get my activities pre-approved in order to earn CEUs?

A. No. As long as activities conform to the guidelines outlined in the Credential Maintenance Guidebook (essentially, having content related to any part of the ISSP Job Task Analysis), credential holders should safely assume they count for CEUs upon applying for credential renewal.

If you're unsure that an activity conforms to those guidelines, please fill out a CEU Pre-Approval Request Form and email it to This form of pre-approval only applies to the individual who requests it.


Q. How do I confirm the CEU value of pre-approved activities?

A. All ISSP educational offerings earn CEUs for participants, and the CEU value of each course and webinar is displayed on their respective registration pages. Pre-approved activities from other organizations will have their CEU values listed in their descriptions on the Other Events webpage.


Q. What proof of participation in my activities do I need to provide in order to earn CEUs?

A. The Credential Maintenance Guidebook outlines examples of documentation for CEU-earning activities. This documentation only needs to be submitted if a credential holder is under audit. The ISSP Credential Maintenance Committee will perform random audits of credential holders upon the renewal of their credential.


Q. How frequently are credential holders audited?

A. The frequency of auditing is ultimately up to the Credential Maintenance Committee, but the current rate will be 20% as ISSP credentials come up for renewal. Note that credential holders will only be required to present the full documentation for each of their CEU activities if they are under audit.



Q: I've earned my ISSP credential. What designation do I list on LinkedIn, resumes, email signatures, etc.?

A: As noted on page 10 of the Candidate Handbook, ISSP credential holders must display their credentials as either: 

ISSP-SA      or            ISSP Sustainability Associate

ISSP-CSP    or            ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional

The reason we require this level of specificity is that there are many organizations currently offering certificates (not true credentials) related to sustainability. If a credential holder does not think the ISSP-SA or ISSP-CSP acronyms are sufficiently clear as a designation, we suggest they spell out their credentials ("ISSP Sustainability Associate" or "ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional").


Q: How do I find and download my Credential Document?

A: Within a few weeks of earning your credential, you should have been sent an email that includes instructions on how to access the ISSP Learning Center (a different portal from where you took the exam) and download your Credential Document. This document can be displayed as proof that you earned the credential and includes your expiration date. Check any spam folders if you didn't see that email.

If you still need help finding the Credential Document download instructions or your credential's expiration date, send us an email at