ISSP Indonesia Chapter organizes Indonesia Sustainability Forum (ISF), which is a discussion series (on site) and an online discussion on sustainability issues in Indonesia.

The objectives of ISF are to:
1. Strengthen the network among ISSP members in Indonesia and/or other countries.
2. Establish ISSP network with other stakeholders (ISSP non-member) in Indonesia.
3. Raise public awareness on sustainability, especially in Indonesia setting.

Who should join the ISF?
1. ISSP members.
2. Non-members (the business owners, professionals, academicians, government officials, researchers, consultants, etc) who are interested with sustainability.

The 1st ISF, October 2, 2013, Jakarta - Indonesia
Theme “Future Business Outlook: Business as Usual vs. Sustainability in Business"
Please see the attached PDF file to see the result of discussion.

Please feel free to discuss the result of discussions online in this group!