The ISSP Educational Certificate Program is designed for current and aspiring sustainability practitioners.

The ISSP Educational Certificate Program will provide you with the skills and competencies to take on positions such as Sustainability Officer, Sustainability Director, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Analyst, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Consultant, Green Facilitator, Sustainability Services Expert, Green Facilitator, Green Facilitator, Sustainability Specialist and Climate Officer, and many more!

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Educational Certificate

ISSP's Educational Certificate Program blends sustainability concepts and practices with organizational change theory to provide you with the leadership skills and knowledge to lead a sustainability program.  ISSP’s Educational Certificate courses offer access to current research and professionals working in the field.  ISSP's Instructors are subject matter experts that facilitate the online webinars and learning center experience.  You will be learning theory and practice with sustainability tools and methods.  You are graded on a pass/fail and will receive feedback on your competencies from the instructor.  Download the Educational Certificate Program 2014 - 2015 PDF.

You will benefit from the interactive live courses and webinars, as well as 24/7 access to a collaborative Learning Center, access to sustainability experts, the latest tools and methods and the valuable credential once completed. You will be learning both theory and practice, and will receive feedback on your competencies from our expert instructors.

As part of our commitment to keeping a small footprint and providing you with the best instructors, all courses are delivered virtually.  For the six Core and two Elective courses we use a combination of live webinars, online discussions and individual study to meet the learning outcomes.  Participants enjoy ISSP's dynamic, interactive eLearning experience: meeting online once a week for a live webinar AND online 24/7 over the 4 weeks at the ISSP Learning Center. The self-study Sustainability 101 is computer based and delivered virtually.  You can enroll at any time, study when it fits your schedule and take up to 8 weeks to complete the course.


You can start the ISSP Sustainability Educational Certificate program at any time and take up to 2 years to complete it. Contact the Education Program at in order to enroll or for more information.

Program Description

Download the ISSP Educational Certificate Program 2014-2015 PDF for a full program description.

The ISSP Educational Certificate Program consists of 8 courses, including 6 core workshops and 2 electives. Each online course is 4 weeks long and you are joined by a couple dozen other sustainability professionals. You are mentored by the Instructor, a subject matter expert in their field. Courses include a weekly live 90-minute webinar (recorded if you are unable to make it) and an online classroom platform (the ISSP Learning Center), available 24/7, where your readings, resources, recordings and assignments are located. Courses are graded on a pass/not pass basis; passing grades must be earned on all eight courses in order to complete the Educational Certificate. A basic understanding of sustainability concepts is required by taking the pre-requisite Sustainability 101 within six months of starting the educational certificate program. Participants should expect to commit 6-8 hours a week per course.

Additionally, participants choose any 4 of ISSP’s monthly topical webinars to count for credit towards their educational certificate. These webinars are announced in the ISSP Insight eNewsletter and Events Updates emails.



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Statements from Graduates of the ISSP Educational Certificate Program

"The ISSP Educational Certificate is a great program for either current sustainability professionals looking to sharpen their skills or others wanting to enter this field."

"The high quality and level of experience of the instructors. The instructors are all accomplished leaders and authors in the field of sustainability and delivered exceptional webinar programs which were supplemented with excellent readings. The perspective and experience shared with us by the instructors was most valuable. It was a good group of courses, covering all the major areas at a high level without a lot of extraneous material or busy work. Also, the tools that I have available to me for use on sustainability planning and reporting are very valuable and could not be obtained from other sources without considerable expense. The program is, in my opinion, the best value for obtaining education in the field for working professionals - very reasonable cost and time commitment. I can't say enough about what the program has done for me and my professional development. I am now in a position that I very much enjoy due directly to my participation in the educational certificate program."  

“As a leader in industry focused on environmental product programs, it’s essential to  understand the issues, articulate the need to focus on Sustainability, and develop business cases to communicate the benefits to the bottom line though the  implementation of sustainability strategies. The ISSP Educational Certificate Program provided a strong foundation and excellent guidance for understanding  sustainability issues and a toolkit to put into practice strategies for change”