From the President's Desk: Bringing the Community Together

I was reminded why it is so important to bring our community of practice together at the recent GreenBiz19 conference, when Joel Makower asked, “what if we get it right?” He pointed out that the while we have plenty of negative examples to support the criticality of sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we also have every reason to be hopeful. The sustainability conversation continues to mature and is now incredibly far from where it stood just 10 years ago! While there is still significant ground left to travel, we are in the middle of a truly adult conversation about jobs, energy, the environment, economic equity, and social justice on a global scale. It is not only a very real conversation, it marks a time for the sustainability community to make its contribution to history. Conferences and local networking events bring us together as professionals to share our challenges, celebrate our victories, and “be with our people” in a way that is unique and necessary for us to maintain our energy in the face of regular - often daily - resistance to the deeply needed work we bring to our organizations and the world.

Since the inauguration of ISSP’s Sustainability Hall of Fame in 2011, our professional community has periodically convened to recognize individuals who are making significant contributions. Past inductees have included noted luminaries such as, Ray Anderson, Alan AtKisson, Susan Burns, John Elkington, Gil Friend, Hazel Henderson, Jeffrey Hollender, Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins, Joel Makower, Karl Henrik Robert, Mathis Wackernagel, and Bob Willard. We are opening up the 2019 campaign and we hope you will take a few moments to nominate deserving colleagues, mentors, and experts we can lift up as role models for the occupation. Please also join us in expressing your utmost gratitude online for those who are giving their time, knowledge and creativity to our emerging field. You may use the hashtags #ISSP and #SustyHallOfFame to do so.

Click here to view the nomination form and note that submissions will be accepted through April 15th. New members of the ISSP Hall of Fame will be announced at an exciting fall event that is soon to be announced!