Since its inauguration in 2011, ISSP's Sustainability Hall of Fame has served to formally recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to sustainability and to the professionals who dedicate their careers to the field of sustainability. Candidates, nominated by ISSP members, are honored based on their accomplishments in the areas of experience, education, innovation, reach, publication and service to the industry.  Click here to learn more about the selection process

At ISSP Conference 2014 in Denver, five members of the Hall of Fame - Bob Willard, Jeffrey Hollender, Susan Burns, Joel Makower, and Hunter Lovins - participated in a panel discussion that was moderated by ISSP co-founder Marsha Willard.   View the entire Wisdom Panel conversation here.

2014 Hall of Fame


2014 Hall of Fame Inductees, from left to right: Susan Burns, Jeffrey Hollender, Joel Makower, and Mathis Wackernagel.


2013 Hall of Fame


2013 Hall of Fame Inductees, from left to right: Alan AtKisson, John Elkington, Hazel Henderson, and L. Hunter Lovins


2011 Hall of Fame


2011 Hall of Fame Inductees, from left to right: Ray Anderson, Gil Friend, Amory B. Lovins, Karl Henrik Robert, and Bob Willard


“The ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame acknowledges those people that have contributed the most to the emerging field of sustainability,” says Marsha Willard, ISSP board member and founder. “It honors those that have given their time, their knowledge, their creativity and their hard work to blazing the trail for other professionals to follow.”