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2013 Journal Articles

November 2013 - 2012-2013 ISSP Annual Report

September 2013 - The Value of Communicating Sustainability: At the Intersection of Reality and Perception by James Cerruti

August 2013 - Take Ten Outside: Bridging the Gap Between the Office and Nature by Lisa Berntsen, Ph.D.

April 2013 - SASB: Establishing Standards for Formal Sustainability Accounting

March 2013 - The Triumph of Fantasy Over Science by Rob Dietz

February 2013 - Sustainability Dynamics Drive Professional Growth - A Survey By Sustainable Plant and ISSP

January 2013 - Top Sustainability Tools - Part 2: Getting ROI from Professional Associations by Linda Lovett

2012 Journal Articles

January 2012— ISSP 2010/11 Annual Report

February 2012— How To Become A Social Entreprenuer by Nathan Springer

March 2012— Run-Up To Rio +20: ISSP Seeking Accreditation by Ira Feldman

April 2012— Momentum Builds Ahead of Rio +20 by Ira Feldman

May 2012 - Run-Up To Rio +20: United Nations Prep In High Gear by Ira Feldman

June 2012 — Nigeria and Climate Adaptation by Stanley Ijeoma

July 2012 - Rio +20: What Did It Accomplish? by Ira Feldman

August 2012 - Project Management: Getting the Job Done by Jane Allen Jones

September 2012 - Sustainability Nears A Tipping Point by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group

October 2012 - Sustainability Consulting: Riding the Wave of Opportunity by Linda Lovett

November 2012 - Competencies for Sustainability Consultants by Linda Lovett

December 2012 - Top Sustainability Tools: Standards and Certifications by Linda Lovett


2011 Journal Articles

January 2011—ISSP Annual Report 2009/10

February 2011—Confused about Social Sustainability? by Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard

March 2011—Managing Carbon: Taking an integrated approach by Paul Horton

April 2011—Social Entrepreneurship (interview with Tyler Spalding, ASHOKA)

May 2011—See Directory of Life Cycle Assessment Tools under Special Reports

June 2011—Not Feeling So Smart about the Smart Grid?

July 2011—Voices from the World—Asia (video journal)

August 2011—Voices from the World—Europe (video journal)

September 2011—Voices from the World—India (video journal)

October 2011—Economic Rx (by David Korten)

November 2011 - Technology and Sustainable Development (by Michelle Rogers-Estable)

December 2011 - High-Performance Building Benefits (by Texas A&M Mays Business School Co-op)


2010 Journal Articles

(January) The Earth Charter: The World's Vision of What Sustainability Means (Mirian Vilela, Executive Director of Earth Charter International). Get article.

(February) Using Green to Re-Energize Lean: Why Focusing on Sustainability Can Yield Better Results Than Lean Alone (Ian Young, Insights to Excellence (i2e) Ltd.). Get article.

(April) Homo Economicus Interruptus: New principles for a sustainable economy (by Darcy Hitchcock). Get article.

(May) Brewing New Ideas on Sustainability (by Stephen Handler). Get article.

(June)—Carbon Offsets and the Cleveland Carbon Fund (two articles, Molly White and John Weedon). Get article.

July—Sustainability Circus: Bringing the major frameworks under one tent (TBL,ESG,TNS,GRI) (by Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard) Get article.

(August)—GHG Management at REI: From Tracking to Accountability (by Kimberly Allen and Kirk Meyers). Get article.

(September)—Directory of Sustainability Assessments. Go to Special Reports for download information.

(October)Knowledge Competency Study. Go to Special Reports for download information.

(November)—Cities as Solutions: Lessons in Sustainability from Denmark and Sweden. Get article.


2009 Journal Articles

Social Indicators: The Real Health of the States (Marque-Luisa Miringoff, Institute for Innovation in Social Policy) Download.

Detoxifying the Personal Care Products Industry (Mark Wuttke, Wuttke Group) Download. (1.2 MB)

Is Sustainable Development Still a Relevant Business Issue in this Economic Crisis? (Lynette Thorstensen, World Business Council on Sustainable Development) Download. (600kb)

Team Oregon: Paving the way to eco-cities (Team Oregon) Download (4 MB)

Participatory Budgeting Download read-on-screen version. (9.7MB)

Stakeholder Engagement: The Role of Participation in Sustainable Development (John Forrester, Stockholm Environment Institute) Download.

Learning from Europe's Eco-Cities. Download.

Social Accountability: Why the Creators of SA8000 Say the World is Moving Away from Social Audits. Download.

Sustainability Buzzwords: Making sense of all the terms. Download.

Becoming a B Corporation: Codifying a Company's Values.  Download

Peace Corp(oration): IBM's Deep Dive Into Social Responsibility. Download.

2008 Journal Articles

Climate change: What we have to do NOW (Eban Goodstein, Focus the Nation) Download

Sustainable Development (Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions) Download

Moving the World toward Sustainability (Karl-Henrik Robert, The Natural Step) Download

Genuine Wealth Assessment (Mark Anielski) Download

Cool Trends: What Cities are Doing NOW to Reduce Greenhouse Gases (Special report) Download-4.66MB

Product Stewardship in the Real World (Jeff Omelchuck and Wayne Rifer, Green Electronics Council/EPEAT) Download

Green Jobs Trends (Michael Renner of WorldWatch) Download

Beyond LEED: The Living Building Challenge (Jason McLennon) Download

2007 Journal Articles

Purchasing Paper: Why Recycled Content Isn't Good Enough Anymore (Tom Pollock) Download

Marketing Sustainability: When to go public with your sustainability efforts (Darcy Hitchcock)

Creating an Effective Plan for your Sustainability Efforts (Marsha Willard)

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