In addition to our official TERMS AND CONDITIONS, All ISSP members are expected to honor these values and guidelines:

Participation—Participate regularly in forums and contribute materials that would be useful to other members. Take time to comment on and rate materials that you use on the site so that others will benefit from your experience. Encourage colleagues to join ISSP and participate in our activities.

Collaboration—Knowledge is not a limited resource or zero-sum game. We all benefit from sharing ideas. Give as much as you get. If your personal self-interest collides with the needs of the community, remember our important mission. Helping transition to a sustainable society is too important to let self-interest have sway.

Respect and professionalism—Treat all other members with respect. ISSP is a place to debate philosophies and approaches but all comments should be tactful and helpful, not hurtful.

Transparency—We discourage anonymous postings in order to create an environment of honesty and accountability We trust that any information or files that you post are clean, accurate and virus free to the best of your knowledge and that you will not misrepresent yourself or others on the site.

Appropriateness—Discussions and uploaded materials should contribute to the professionalism of our organization. Members should avoid topics that are inappropriate for a professional association. These may include but not be limited to political advocacy, commercial advertisements, topics unrelated to sustainability, and of course, any crude or pornographic content.

Shared use—Materials posted on the website should not violate the rights of any party, including copyright. The materials are provided with the understanding that members may download them, use them in the course of their work, or modify them. Members should always cite the source of the materials, showing ISSP and the member and/or copyright holder. (Example language: “Courtesy of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. © 2007 Copyright XYZ Corp.” or if the materials have been modified, “Courtesy of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. Adapted from ‘Introduction to Sustainability’© 2007 Copyright XYZ Corp.”. These materials should not be provided to non-members or posted to other websites without the agreement of ISSP and the owner(s) of the materials.

Privacy—Members have a right to privacy and the degree to which they want to participate or be contacted. Do not misuse this access to other professionals (e.g., through unsolicited emails/spam, harassment, etc.)