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ISSP members can also receive discounts on ACCO membership and non-members can take advantage of ISSP and ACCO's new joint membership.

What Members Are Saying ...

"Courses at the ISSP taught me it’s all about relationships when it comes to a sustainability agenda. I started the courses enthusiastic about the content but downhearted about the opportunities for change where I work. I’m ending on a note of gratitude and delight because my fondest hopes for sustainability at my company are being realized. None of this change would have occurred without being enrolled at the ISSP. I learned that it takes a village to pursue a sustainability agenda." Andree Iffrig, ISSP-SA, LEED AP, Calgary, Canada

“ISSP has been front and centre for honing my understanding of what a sustainability professional is. Attending online webinars and engaging with certificate and cohort colleagues have been invaluable investments and tremendous fun.” Steve McCoy, ISSP-SA, Counterpoint Consulting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Through attendance of ISSP events, I have met a wealth of sustainability professionals that I can connect with and learn from. I felt compelled to help form a steering committee that would launch a local Greater Washington DC Chapter for my region. Serving on the committee and planning events has been truly rewarding because I get to meet people who are passionate about their work and inspire me to see more possibilities for the future I envision for both my career and my personal life.” Jenn Truong, Virginia Tech's Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability


ISSP Member Profile

Elizabeth Churchill, ISSP-SA
Madison, WI, USA