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Credit 360 is a global company, with operations in United Kingdom, Americas, Hong Kong, Australia, Netherlands and South Africa. We started back in 2002, with a team of sustainability professionals frustrated with the tools we had to use to do our jobs. With the deadline near, it was the sixth time that an urgent phone call had changed the same key piece of sustainability data from a global corporation, and the sixth time the glossy graphic for the Sustainability Report had had to be redrawn. "There must be an easier way than this," we said.

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New Sustainability Advantage

New Sustainability Advantage has a recalibrated and more compelling business case for sustainability strategies. It shows that if a typical company were to use best-practice sustainability approaches already being used by real companies, it could improve its profit by at least 51% to 81% within three to five years, while avoiding a potential 16% to 36% erosion of profits if it did nothing.

Green Stone Consulting

Green Stone Consulting provides business owners, homeowners, government agencies, and schools the tools and resources to develop sustainability programs that improve their triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Zero Cost Consulting is utilized for payment of fees; consulting fees will not incur until savings are proven.

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Precautionary Principle

Precautionary Principle—“Acting to avoid serious or irreversible potential harm, despite lack of scientific certainty as to the likelihood, magnitude, or causation of that harm.’

Resource: Precautionary Principle Project.

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship—Equitably sharing responsibility for the lifetime impacts of products. Also known as Extended Producer Responsibility or Extended Product Responsibility (EPR).

EPR - Extended producer (or product) responsibility

EPR—Extended Producer (or Product) Responsibility. These terms are more often used in Europe. See Product Stewardship.