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"Together we have the knowledge, skills, connections, and will to accomplish the necessary acceleration of sustainability strategies in all sectors.”

— Bob Willard, best selling author of The Next Sustainability Wave and The Sustainability Advantage, ISSP founding member


   "I’m proud to be part of that [ISSP].” 

 — Hunter Lovins, co-author of Natural Capitalism and President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions



“It's an exciting time to be a sustainability professional, but it also can be overwhelming and lonely. As the greening of business has gone from the margins to the mainstream, there is a vital need to bring cohesion and credibility to the field. ISSP fills this gap by creating a space for professionals to sharpen their skills and learn from one another, helping all of us become more effective at finding solutions for our companies and clients.”

— Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, ISSP founding member