ISSP is a member-driven organization committed to moving the profession of sustainability forward by leading the design and delivery of sustainability professional certification, and by building strong networks and communities of practice. Individuals and organizations alike are invited to join ISSP as we work together to make sustainability standard practice worldwide.


ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification, webinars, online courses, a sustainability professional’s body of knowledge, special reports, and resource directories are just a sampling of the rich content offered to members. Learn more here


Organizational Membership includes Individual Memberships for up to three people in your organization, and a discount for additional affiliated Individual Members.  Both for-profit and non-profit organizations can highlight their leadership in supporting sustainability professionals by sharing their logo on ISSP’s website, in social media posts, as well as through reduced rate ads.   Learn more here. 


"Together we have the knowledge, skills, connections, and will to accomplish the necessary acceleration of sustainability strategies in all sectors.”

— Bob Willard, best selling author of The Next Sustainability Wave and The Sustainability Advantage, ISSP founding member


   "I’m proud to be part of that [ISSP].” 

 — Hunter Lovins, co-author of Natural Capitalism and President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions



“It's an exciting time to be a sustainability professional, but it also can be overwhelming and lonely. As the greening of business has gone from the margins to the mainstream, there is a vital need to bring cohesion and credibility to the field. ISSP fills this gap by creating a space for professionals to sharpen their skills and learn from one another, helping all of us become more effective at finding solutions for our companies and clients.”

— Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, ISSP founding member