Comprehensive New Resource Joins ISSP-SA Flash Cards as Recommended Test Prep Tool

HARTFORD, CT (February 16, 2017) – The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) has announced the publication of the first in a series of two Study Guides designed to prepare ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification candidates for their credentialing exams. The 237-page ISSP-SA Study Guide, now available, is the most comprehensive preparation tool available for the ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) exam.

Each of the Study Guide’s ten chapters explores a Core Sustainability Concept tested and links to the Study Guide's glossary. Whether used by a sustainability practitioner just launching their career or a veteran sustainability professional taking the ISSP-SA exam as a stepping stone for the ISSP Certified Professional (ISSP-CSP) credential, the Study Guide is an excellent resource immediately and for future reference.

The ISSP-SA Study Guide joins the ISSP-SA Flash Card set as a highly recommended study tool for preparing for the ISSP-SA exam. ISSP will be releasing the next tool in this series, the ISSP-CSP Study Guide, later this spring. Candidates must pass the ISSP-SA exam before becoming eligible to apply for the ISSP-CSP. Since beta testing of the certification program began last summer, more than 275 people worldwide have earned ISSP Certification.

“The ISSP-SA Study Guide was an invaluable resource as I prepared to take the credentialing exam,” says Kathryn Cooper, President, Sustainability Learning Centre in Hillsburgh, Ontario, Canada. “Sustainability is such a broad field and the Guide helped define the Body of Knowledge for the Core Concepts. I would even recommend it to anyone who just wants to better understand sustainability. It is a well-organized, well written and interesting read.”

The ISSP-SA Study Guide is available to ISSP Members for $75 and to nonmembers for $150. It is delivered digitally via a download link sent immediately upon purchase.

About ISSP-SA Flash Cards

The ISSP-SA vocabulary Flash Cards are designed to help users get fluent in sustainability terminology. The cards cover more than 300 sustainability terms and their definitions, straight from the ISSP Body of Knowledge. Each purchase includes both a digital and printable set of Flash Cards designed to prepare candidates for the ISSP-SA credential exam.

The digital Flash Card set is perfect for studying at home or on the move. Once the Flash Cards are downloaded to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, users can navigate the sustainability terms and their definitions with a few simple clicks. The digital set also allows ISSP-SA candidates to practice sustainability by avoiding the use of ink and paper. The Flash Cards are available to ISSP Members for $30 and to nonmembers for $50.

About ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification

The Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) credential is the first of two levels of ISSP Certification, designed for individuals who are relatively new to the field of sustainability but have sufficient education and training to pass a test on core knowledge and understanding of key sustainability concepts. The Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) credential is for more experienced sustainability practitioners who demonstrate a combination of sustainability-related work experience and formal education. Obtaining the ISSP-CSP requires a passing grade on both the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP tests. Registration for ISSP-CSP certification testing will open in the Spring of 2017. Both certifications require ongoing maintenance in the form of CEU’s (Continuing Education Credits) that will be verified every two years.

Here are other ways to get involved in ISSP Certification:

  • Register for the ISSP-SA credential exam
  • Download the Candidate Handbook for more information about the exam process
  • Join ISSP to take advantage of exam discounts and many other benefits