ISSP's Self-Study Courses 

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Here are a few reasons sustainability professionals should enroll in ISSP courses:

Better for the Environment:
  • You don't travel so you don't have the associated greenhouse gases;
  • Most materials are electronic so we're not printing out lots of handouts
Better for your Budget:
  • You save all the travel time and expenses;
  • ISSP's eLearning courses are very affordable because we don't have to provide a classroom or fly in instructors
  • ISSP members receive significant discounts on registration rates
Better for You:
  • You have access to materials crafted by the best experts in the business, no matter where you or they are located in the world;
  • You can absorb the information at your own pace and return to it as often as you'd like


Self-Study Sustainability ROI Workbook (New!)

Crafted by expert corporate sustainability strategist, Bob Willard, the Sustainability ROI Workbook is a new, free, open-source, downloadable set of Excel spreadsheets. They frame a comprehensive and compelling cost-benefit analysis for any sustainability-related proposal. This self-guided workshop, based on a live-online event from September 2017, orients users to the need for a better business case tool and prepares them to use the 2nd Edition of the Workbook to build a business case for sustainability initiatives that a CFO will love, and more. 

How to Get a Job in Sustainability

Whether you are looking for your first job in the sustainability profession or seeking to advance your career, there are several methods you can use to help yourself rise to the top of the résumé pile. In this module, you will learn some of the best practices for professionals looking to begin or advance their career in the sustainability field.

Sustainability 101

Are you well-versed on all the essential sustainability concepts? To be a credible sustainability professional, there are certain key concepts you should know. Use this self-study workshop to test your knowledge and fill in any gaps. The course has four modules - see below. The prerecorded webinars are taught by ISSP co-founder and sustainability consultant/author, Darcy Hitchcock.

Assessing Organizational Sustainability with S-COREtm

This course provides sustainability professionals with an understanding of how to assess an organization's progress on the path to sustainability, identify new opportunities and develop a plan for the next stage of the journey, using ISSP’s S-CORE™ assessment. Participants will learn how sustainability should weave itself into all parts of an organization. The course will cover the ten common functional areas and practices common to all organizations. S-CORE™ is an effective tool for many types of complex organizations, including governments, factories, and institutions of higher education.