Purpose of the Balaton Group

To accelerate and deepen the world's general understanding of three factors that are fundamental to sustainable development:

• systems orientation
• long-term perspective
• unshakeable personal commitment to achieving positive change.


• Meet
• Collaborate
• Communicate
• Support Learning

The International Network of Resource Information Centers, more commonly known as "The Balaton Group," is an international network of researchers and practitioners in fields related to systems and sustainability. Founded in 1982 by Dennis Meadows and Donella Meadows—co-authors of the ground-breaking book "The Limits to Growth"—the Balaton Group is a cross-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and inter-generational meeting point for leaders and thinkers in sustainable development.

Formally, the Group holds an annual meeting once every year. The annual "Balaton Group Meeting" brings together 50 leading scientists, teachers, consultants, writers, and managers in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative environment that encourages debate and learning founded on the highest scientific standards, free of political and economic pressures.

Since its founding in 1982, Balaton Group members have consistently advanced the boundaries of research and strategy for sustainable development. Over 30 books, more than a hundred conferences, and uncounted computer models, training programs, planning methods, and educational games have emerged from collaboration among its members.

Membership in the Balaton Group is by invitation only.  For further information, please explore our website, or write to one of the members listed in the "Members" section.