Sustainability Planning Guidebook for Teams

This is a recently created resource at Penn State University that we are using to incorporate sustainability into our strategic planning process at the individual unit or department level. This is our first iteration and we are hoping to get plenty of feedback to make the resource better. The audience is Higher Education institutions and much of the thinking in the book comes from ISSP folks that have been pioneering the way. Would love feedback and even some folks to test this out in their own institutions.

Biomimicry Resources (2012)

Biomimicry Resources
(compiled by Mary Hansel for ISSP, 9/1/12)


Restorative Leadership Retreat for Women in Sustainability, Cuba, Fall 2012

Hello all,

It is with great excitement that invite the ISSP community to take part in the Restorative Leadership Retreat for Women in Sustainability this fall.

How to Become a Social Intrapreneur: Full Seven Articles.

Author, Nathan Springer's passion and profession is building better business through sustainability. As a professional, he measures and communicates benefits of sustainability in business. Currently he consults to financial services companies on generating returns from sustainability with Malk Sustainability Partners. He advised Dow Chemical on market and green potential of bio-based materials, identified growth and conservation opportunities for water-based industries in Oregon, and designed strategy that helped Owens Corning develop new energy efficiency products.

Climate Change Toolkit for Materials Management

"You already know that reducing, reusing, and recycling conserves resources, avoids landfilling/ incineration, and creates jobs. But did you know the materials and food are responsible for approximately 42% of the United States domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? Extracting resources, processing materials, manufacturing, and transporting goods and food contribute significantly to climate change. Luckily there is an opportunity to integrate recycling, composting, and other conservation practices into climate planning.

Directory of Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tools

This directory was created in cooperation with the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, compiled by Tamara Gordy, a student at Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

We make this free to members (download file below).

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Sustainability Policy

Nester Hosiery is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and recognizes that
environmental stewardship is fundamental to being a good corporate citizen.
As a locally owned and operated company with a global presence, Nester is
committed to protecting our planet through sustainable manufacturing and distribution
processes. And as a key supplier to the outdoor industry, we believe minimizing our
environmental impact is vital to our customers and community as well as essential to the
success of our business.

2010 Directory of Sustainability Planning and Reporting Tools

Report coverBefore you create your own spreadsheets or sustainability metrics database, compare the features of a variety of tools.

ISSP has compiled a directory of available planning and reporting tools. It is free to members in electronic form.

Transforming Finance Statement Circling the Globe

Originally published for CSRWire, Oct. 10, 2010
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