This book is a good summary of what is wrong with our economy and what we need to do instead. If you’ve already read a lot about this, as I have, a lot may be redundant. But I did come across a number of different innovations I hadn’t heard about including slow travel, Adobe Alliance, Slipform construction, Bergman’s New Work concepts, Aerogarden, Fablab, Factor-e Farm, Green for All, Green Worker Coop.

Schor proposes four principles:

·      A new allocation of time through reduced hours of market work

·      A shift to high-productivity self-provisioning

·      The development of a low-cost, low-impact but high-satisfaction consumer life

·      Revitalization of community and social connection.


Schor, J. (2010). Plenitude: the new economics of true wealth. Brunswick: Scribe Publications Pty Ltd. ASIN: B019TLSJK