Social vulnerability: An emergency managers’ planning tool

Sustainable development programs most often focus on the environmental and economic dimensions of an issue leaving social issues seemly underrepresented. This void is perhaps indicative of the difficulty in determining the social issues to be analyzed and measured. However, "social vulnerability" provides a conceptual framework for understanding some of the conditions that make urban areas unsustainable especially those prone to extreme weather events.

Balaton Group

Purpose of the Balaton Group

To accelerate and deepen the world's general understanding of three factors that are fundamental to sustainable development:

• systems orientation
• long-term perspective
• unshakeable personal commitment to achieving positive change.


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Green Transition Scoreboard 2012

Ethical Markets Media, LLC (USA and Brazil), released our 2012 GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® tracking private sector investments since 2007 in green companies and technologies globally, now totaling more than $3.3 trillion.

Policy and management hazards along the Upper Texas coast

Coastlines are some of the most populated and rapidly expanding areas of the United States. Here, people seek employment, build residences and facilitate urban growth. However, most people do not fully realize all of the risks associated with living along a coast. Relative sea-level rise, erosion, and severe storms continuously alter the landscape. Anthropogenic interventions designed to slow these natural processes often foster decline at a greater rate. Building residences and other permanent structures further exacerbates the problem.

A Foundation for Developing a Coastal Sustainability Program in the Houston-Galveston Region

The Houston-Galveston coastal region of Texas is becoming increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of severe storms. Tropical storm Allison and Hurricanes Ike and Rita have caused billions of dollars in property damage and numerous deaths. Urbanization, confusing public policy, and political culture are exacerbating the effects. Public officials are calling for a more sustainable way of life, but there is no consensus on how to proceed.

Sustainability: the 'Embracers' Seize Advantage

Research Report-Winter 2011
Sustainability: The ‘Embracers’Seize Advantage
How fast are businesses adopting sustainability-driven management?  New study results reveal two distinct camps: ‘embracers’ and ‘cautious adopters.’  And the practices of the embracers may  be providing a snapshot of how the  management future will look.

By MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group Findings From the 2010 sustainability & innovation global executive study and research Project Findings From the 2010 sustainability & innovation

Cool Trends Part I: 10 Things Cities are Doing Now

During the summer of 2008 we set out to answer this question for our members:

What strategies can communities and municipalities in the developed world implement now to reduce greenhouse gases that can be easily retrofitted into an existing community (i.e., not require major redevelopment) that offer multiple benefits (social, economic and environmental)?

Cool Trends Part 2: Decarbonizing Corporate America

During the Fall of 2008 we set out to answer this question for our members:

What are innovative companies doing to reduce their energy consumption and, ultimately, their carbon emissions?

Sustainability Consulting "2010 State of the Industry"

Attached are the summary results of a survey conducted by ISSP member Jennifer Woofter on the state of the sustainability consulting industry. Jennifer is also posting additional information on her blog (see Strategic Sustainability Consulting) and offering a  Sustainability Consulting Masterclass in January 2011.

Jennifer K. Woofter, President

Knowledge Competency Study

Early in 2010, ISSP released the Competency Study which revealed what a sustainability professional should be able to do. Now we are releasing a companion study, which answers the question, what should a sustainability professional know? We surveyed people from around the world. The results are surprising. We learned not only what many sustainability professionals should and do know but we also discovered a number of things many sustainability professionals don't know but should!