National Websites with Green Job Search Focus

  • This site, called Green Dream Jobs, is one of the most comprehensive for Oregon jobs. You can search by city, state, and career level.
  • features news, technical assistance, discussion forums, and job listings for sustainable businesses. The job postings also include non-profits, as they overlap substantially with Green Dream Jobs.
  •  Acre is the World’s leading recruitment firm specialising in CSR, Sustainability, Climate Change and Environment.
  • This site is useful for its comprehensive list of environmental organizations, environmentally linked businesses, and environment-related government agencies. The job listings are not broken down by state.
  •  The primary emphasis of this site is environmental education. It also links to other job sites, including a few already listed here, and has its own database, at
  • This site bills itself as “The number one source of environmental jobs.” Its listings are broken down into groups such as Conservation and Natural Resource Jobs, Environmental Advocacy Jobs, Environmental Science/Engineering Jobs, etc. Oregon postings are limited.
  • This site focuses on environmental career planning and internships for college students and graduates. It also includes tips and resources for all seekers of jobs in sustainability, with primers on topics such as “Ten career skills all environmental professionals need” and “Learn about ecosystems management.”
  •’s Nonprofit Charitable Orgs is an edited clearinghouse of information about non-profits. A somewhat useful resource for information on working in, starting, and managing non-profits.
  •  Based in California, this site "brings recruiters and job seekers together in the renewable energies industry".  Postings here range from North America worldwide for professional positions within the private sector.
  • This is a one-stop media outlet focused purely on sustainability.  Blogs, articles, video on: design, architecture, transportation, nutrition, culture, fashion, politics, business, you name it.  The job board posts listing in the US and abroad in public, private and non-profit sectors.
  • This is a project within Action Without Borders, a non-profit created with the intention of building a better world by connecting people, resources, and organizations to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems. This website is a jobboard link through Sustainable Communities Network.
  •  A comprehensive website chock full of links to green job boards.  Categories include:  Environmental, Environmental-Specific Industries, Promotion of Sustainable Job Creation. Regional Green Job Listings, Biofuel, Clean Energy, Environmental Employers, and Internships and Volunteer Opportunities. 

By Vicki Lind, MS, Career Counselor
Excerpted from the upcoming Green Guide to Networking and Jobs (e-book due out November 1, 2008)