Collaborate with fellow ISSP members on SocialLinkⓇ (sL), a customized social network built just for us!

To thrive in today’s workplace, sustainability professionals need to learn from each other. Sharing with those operating in a similar area of interest or region leads to more effective action. The sL platform and mobile app facilitate this process, through:

  • Member connections — Members can search and connect with one another to help build and grow their network within ISSP. Automatic notifications allow for fast, effective communication.

  • Member discussions and collaboration — Using a central focal point of the member feed, members can obtain and interact with content from a variety of sources at any given moment.

Current Topic Areas

Members can collaborate around specific topics, such as:

  • Affordable & Clean Energy

  • Responsible Consumption & Production

  • Clean Water & Sanitation

  • Sustainable Cities & Communities

Current Regional Areas

sL also makes collaboration with ISSP’s Regional Networks, easy so members can continue to collaborate in real-time across similar time zones, as follows:

UTC zone -2 through -5

  • Southeast, US

  • Mid-Atlantic, US

  • New England, US

  • Eastern Canada

  • Central & South America

UTC zone -6 through -9

  • Pacific Northwest, US

  • Western, US

  • Rocky Mountains, US

  • Midwest, US

  • Great Lakes, US

  • Southcentral, US

  • Western Canada

UTC zone 0 through +5

  • Africa

  • Europe & UK

UTC zone +6 through +14

  • Asia

  • Australia & New Zealand


Look for the SocialLink App for iPhone and Android at your app store. (free download)