The ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification exams are computer-based, closed-book, multiple-choice tests and must be taken without the use of any online or hard copy reference documents or any assistance from another individual.

The ISSP-SA examination requires successful completion of 75-item random multiple choice questions and must be completed within 2 hours. The ISSP-CSP examination requires successful completion of 100-item random multiple choice questions and must be completed within 2.5 hours.


Exam Scoring

The ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification exams are criteria-based exams that are scored in terms of whether a candidate meets the minimum competency required to be a sustainability professional. The passing scores were determined based on an extensive process with psychometric analysis in order to validate the test items and conform to ISO 17024 standards.

Because the exams are designed to evaluate candidate competency in key sustainability areas and are not designed to be a teaching tool, test results will be reported on a pass/fail basis. This means candidates will not be informed of their exact score or how they did on any particular questions.


Taking the Exam

Certification exams can be taken at a testing center or online through Kryterion’s Webassessor service. Testing center based exams can be scheduled at the nearest of hundreds of Kryterion testing centers worldwide. In order to find a testing center near you, check Kryterion's testing center locator here. Online exams can be taken at home or at work with an internet connection. Online proctored exams require a microphone and an external webcam.

Note: In order to provide a secure and robust testing platform for the ISSP Credential exams, they are being operated on the Kryterion Webassessor platform. Since this is a different system from the ISSP website, your ISSP user ID/password will NOT work there.  You need to create a separate Kryterion user account to register for the ISSP exams.

In accordance with ISO standards, all exams are proctored. For more information about online proctored exams, take a look at Kryterion’s Test Taker Guide.

ISSP Certification exams are offered year-round on a rolling basis, and can be taken from any time zone. Online proctored exams can be scheduled 24/7.

By purchasing an ISSP exam, candidates agree to abide by the Candidate Nondisclosure Agreement and ISSP Code of Ethics.


Reschedules or Cancellations

Test takers can reschedule or cancel an exam on their own by logging into the Exam Center, clicking the Home tab in the blue bar, and scrolling down to manage their scheduled exams. Please do not email ISSP asking for us to reschedule or cancel your exam, unless you require support or assistance in doing so.

Reschedules or cancellations are free outside of 72 hours before an onsite exam or 24 hours before an online proctored exam. Within those windows, test takers will incur a fee for rescheduling or cancelling their exams.