Volunteer: Share, Learn, and Advance!

Help strengthen our profession by contributing your knowledge, energy, ideas, and passion. Join the Board of Directors or volunteer for a committee. It’s a great way to network with other sustainability professionals, expand your connections, and leverage career advancement opportunities. You can also develop and sharpen vital new skills, including leadership, collaboration, and team-building techniques. All while furthering ISSP’s mission to empower the professionals making sustainability standard practice.

Volunteers are indispensable to ISSP and are currently involved with a wide range of activities. ISSP volunteers:

  • Contribute to the development of exam questions for our two sustainability certifications.
  • Contribute to the continuous development of professional standards that shape the future of the profession.
  • Influence the profession by writing and publishing white papers and/or reviewing professional manuals, books and periodicals.
  • Are mentors by helping those new to the profession build experience and grow their careers.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

ISSP is currently looking for volunteers to fill the following openings:

Further volunteer opportunities can be found by getting involved in an ISSP Chapter or Regional Learning Network. We have a growing number of place-based chapters and virtual regional networks. Click here for more information.

If you do not see a specific opportunity that interests you, you may still provide us your information so we can contact you when something related to your interests comes available (see Ready to Start Volunteering).


The Impact of Volunteering

Hear what some ISSP volunteers say about the impact volunteering has had on their careers and lives:

Lucinda F. Brown, MBA, ISSP-CSP, Norwich (Virginia), USA
Principal Consultant, STET Sustainability

“I volunteer for ISSP because I want to be part of a strong community of sustainability professionals, helping to make sustainability the 'way we do things.' I have reaped more than I’ve sewn by joining so many talented people with such diverse perspectives to build a resilient community we all can depend on.”

Julian Crawford, ISSP-CSP, Sydney, Australia
Director, EcoSTEPS - Sustainability Partner

“I choose to invest some of my precious time volunteering and contributing to ISSP because although I live in Australia which is reasonably well served for sustainability education, events and networking it is only a small part of the global picture. What I really admire about ISSP is that it really is evolving into an ‘International Society’ of like-minded professionals. I feel able to contribute my country-specific experiences and perspectives to add to the greater global good. Sustainability is such a massive and broad agenda addressing some really wicked problems that it really benefits from many hands making lighter work!”

Simon Harvey, ISSP-CSP, Auckland, New Zealand
Director, Business Lab

“Volunteering my time as a board member for ISSP has been hugely rewarding. Not only has it enabled me to connect with sustainability professionals locally, it’s has helped me feel more connected to this emerging profession and best practice at the global level. The challenge of being part of a truly international board has shown me that, with good use of online tools for collaboration, it’s perfectly possible to work in a highly effective way with people anywhere in the world without having to travel.”

Lisa Spicka, Portland (Oregon), USA
Associate Director, Sustainable Food Trade Association

“Working with ISSP as a volunteer on the webinar committee has connected me with a group of highly motivated sustainability professionals with whom I might not otherwise have the chance to engage. With our composition of for-profit and non-profit members, I have access to the thoughts behind some of the world’s most dominating businesses (i.e. IBM and WalMart). An interesting mélange of thought leadership and potential business action results from our discussion. This is what makes sustainability —and this volunteer role —  so exciting to me- the ability to not only “talk” about what to do, but also to scale sustainability on a global scale through our networks and education efforts. Many thanks to my Webinar Committee colleagues, from whom I have learned so much, for their enduring professionalism, efficiency, depth of knowledge, and pursuit of a sustainable horizon!”


Volunteer Documents

Several documents are available to provide you with more information about volunteering and related policies and procedures:

Ready to start volunteering?

Ready to get started to support your profession and the ISSP? We’d love to welcome you as a volunteer. Please read the aforementioned volunteer documents then complete and submit the Volunteer Interest Form by clicking below. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you soon to find the perfect match.

Still have questions? Contact us at volunteers@sustainabilityprofessionals.org, and be sure to add that address to your email contact list in order to help our communications with you avoid spam filters.