In addition to the specific positions listed below, ISSP members are always encouraged to get involved with any of the existing ISSP committees.  Involvement in a committee allows you to meet other ISSP members and contribute to the sustainability field.

If you're interested in any of the following positions, just click the volunteer button and fill out our Volunteer Interest Form. If you have any questions, please contact us at

ISSP-CSP Application Reviewer

  • Only available to current ISSP-CSP credential holders
  • Review applications submitted by candidates for the ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) credential exam, and determine whether said candidates are eligible. This involves looking over CVs and references, and may on occasion require reaching out to said references
  • Help to clarify and improve our already extant rubric for determining ISSP-CSP eligibility
  • Estimated time commitment: 1hr/application, plus occasional meetings. Application assignments vary based on number of applicants and number of members of the committee, and are flexible to a committee member’s schedule

Credential Maintenance Committee Member

  • Oversee the process for ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP to maintain their credentials through ongoing professional development opportunities. These professional development opportunities allow ISSP-SAs and ISSP-CSPs to stay current on the skills, knowledge and abilities required of sustainability professionals.
  • Define the requirements for renewing credentials including the criteria required of appropriate educational opportunities for the ISSP credential holders.
  • Estimated time commitment - 3-4 hrs/month

ISSP-CSP Study Guide Reader-Reviewer

Join the ISSP Study Guide Task Force as we develop the second in a series of two study guides designed to help candidates prepare for their ISSP-CSP credential exam.  Written by a group of highly qualified subject matter experts (SMEs), the ISSP-CSP Study Guide includes a combination of task descriptions and case stories illustrating how Core Sustainability Concepts are applied in the real world.

  • Duties & Responsibilities: Volunteer Reader-Reviewers will be tasked with reading the SME drafted Guide, through the eyes of our intended audience, the ISSP-CSP credential candidate. Via Google Docs, they will provide feedback to the writers and their peer editors, on comprehension and readability.

  • Qualifications: Volunteers for this position should hold the ISSP-SA credential, or equivalent and therefore have a good understanding of the Core Sustainability Concepts. They should hold a bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent and have at least 5 years of sustainability-related professional experience within the last 10 years.

  • Time Commitment: We seek sustainability professionals available during the last week of January and the middle of February, who can commit between 10 and 20 hours of time to this task.

  • Training: The position is overseen by the ISSP Research & Resources Committee Chairperson who will provide initial guidance and remain available throughout the process.

Study Guide Task Force Member

The ISSP Study Guide Task Force is developing content for a series of ISSP authored publications related to the ISSP credentialing process, including:

  • Candidate Handbook
  • Key Knowledge and Competencies
  • ISSP-SA Study Guide
  • ISSP-CSP Study Guide
  • Reference Manual

Volunteers are needed to draft original content as well as review and edit content drafted by other volunteers. Time commitment depends upon the tasks that the volunteer is applying for.  See also the specific position for ISSP-SA Study Guide Reviewer below.

Book Review Committee Chairperson

ISSP’s Book Review program involves member volunteers reviewing books and writing reviews that are published by on the ISSP website and in ISSP's monthly newsletter.  Books are selected by volunteers or ISSP is approached by authors and publishers interested in having a book reviewed.  The ISSP Book Review Coordinator is responsible for managing the program. Specific tasks include:

  • Act as ISSP's point of contact for volunteers interested in writing reviews, as well as for authors and publishers seeking to have their books reviewed
  • Assist ISSP in developing and implementing guidelines and best practices for what makes an effective and appropriate review
  • Recruit, encourage, and coordinate volunteers to submit reviews (Chairperson is also welcome to submit reviews)
  • Vet reviews as appropriate, with an eye to content that is of interest to our members
  • Edit submitted reviews for grammar and content, as necessary
  • Schedule reviews for publication online and in the newsletter
  • Assist in indexing and publishing existing body of reviews (~40) as well as future reviews, including writing abstracts and tagging by author, title, and keywords
  • Additional input on program goals and management is welcome
  • Estimated Time Commitment - 5 hrs/month