Darcy Hitchcock is president of AXIS Performance Advisors, a sustainability consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. She and her business partner, Marsha Willard, have been in business for 19 years and bring to the sustainability field an expertise in organizational change, facilitation, teaching and team building. Darcy has written numerous business books and The Business Guide to Sustainability (2006) won the American Library Association’s Best Academic Title award. Her latest book, The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning (2008) is a cookbook for how to create sustainability plans and reports.

To help spread sustainability throughout the world, Darcy and Marsha split their time between working with individual clients, teaching others how to implement sustainability, and managing the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. They developed and license people to use their sustainability assessment, SCORE, and their Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit (SPaRK). For the last two years, they also hosted the Sustainable Today TV show.

Darcy teaches at Bainbridge Graduate Institute’s MBA in Sustainable Business program as well as at the University of Oregon’s Sustainability Leadership professional certificate program.  For more information, go to http://www.axisperformance.com