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Webinar: Are the Right People Leading Sustainability in Business? A Behavioral Competency Model

Existing academic literature suggests that sustainability leaders need a wide-ranging and divergent mix of behavioral competencies to be successful. And, when individuals have more developed competencies, they are able to respond to sophisticated challenges in a way that others are not. However, in a profession where there is a consistent call for values-based and transformational leadership to drive the sustainability agenda, are the academics right about what the behaviors of such leadership are in practice? 

In an effort to answer this question, Beth Knight has authored a report with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Aiming to test our assumptions of ‘what good looks like’, her study uses a psychometric questionnaire (Wave Professional Styles) to assess the behavioral competencies of sustainability leaders. Join us as Beth shares her findings and proposed model with ISSP, including a facilitated discussion and the opportunity to reflect upon and improve our ability to deliver impactful sustainability initiatives.  Learn more and register now!

June Course: Biomimicry - Pathway to Innovation

Management principles inspired by honeybees, networks that emulate slime mold, and self-cleaning paint inspired by lotus leaves - these are just a few examples of innovations inspired by nature’s time-tested strategies for survival. ISSP’s newest course explores why a growing number of business leaders and sustainability advocates are drawing from ecology for solutions to build a more resilient society. Taught by the Biomimicry Institute’s Mary Hansel, the online workshop will teach students how to develop the ability to describe the concept of biomimicry and how it can be used to inspire innovation and advance sustainability. Classes start June 7. Learn more now!

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