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ISSP-SA Study Guide Now Available

ISSP-SA credential exam candidates now have access to the ultimate preparation tool: the ISSP-SA Study Guide. Along with the popular ISSP-SA Flash Cards, the Study Guide is a comprehensive resource for aspiring ISSP-SAs to drill down on the Core Sustainability Concepts tested by the ISSP-SA exam.

Candidates interested in joining our first cohort of ISSP Certified Professionals can now register for the ISSP-SA exam, which will be available through February 18th. Registration for the ISSP-CSP exam will begin during the first quarter of 2017. In order to be eligible for the ISSP-CSP exam, candidates must first pass the ISSP-SA exam.

Course access begins January 3rd, 2017

As more and more businesses move towards the forefront of sustainable development, the first step is to understand their own impacts and operations. ISSP’s January 2017 course covers the fundamental concepts and tools of assessing the sustainability of businesses, nonprofits, and other institutions, with the end goal of weaving sustainability into all parts of an organization.

Taught by veteran sustainability consultant Darcy Hitchcock, this course will provide participants with a basic understanding of the S-COREtm system, including the ten functional areas and practices common to all organizations. The course will help professionals understand sustainability “on the ground,” and track progress towards it. It will also cover how S-COREtm can translate sustainability into the language of business, expanding the understanding of sustainability principles and their value throughout any organization.

ISSP members can audit the course for only $30.  Register now!

ISSP Webinars: What Do You Want To See In Future Webinars?

Even though our calendar is filling up, we're always in the process of planning our next round of webinars, and we need your help! Complete this brief survey to tell us what you like - and want to see - in ISSP webinars. The deadline for surveys is November 14th.  You're also invited to submit your ideas for webinar topics by completing our Webinar Proposal Form. And feel free to reach out - we always love to hear from you! 

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