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Eight New Sustainability Experts Join ISSP Board of Directors

ISSP is excited to announce that eight new Board of Directors members have been elected to help further ISSP’s mission of making sustainability standard practice across the globe. These sustainability experts, who will guide ISSP’s long-term vision and help implement the group’s policies and initiatives, boast experience ranging from project planning and consulting to academia and municipal government. Learn more here

ISSP-SA Test Season Extended - Sign Up Today To Reserve Your Space! 

ISSP is extending the current ISSP-SA Test Season to provide sustainability professionals more time to prepare, apply, and take the ISSP-SA exam.  Registration will remain open through April 8th, 2017, and the exam may be taken any time until April 22nd.

Candidates can take advantage of our Study Guide and Flash Cards to help prepare for the exam. ISSP Members and certain partner organizations receive discounts - check our exam fees page for more information.

Don't wait to earn recognition for your sustainability knowledge, skills, and abilities; register today!

ISSP-SA Study Guide Now Available

ISSP-SA credential exam candidates now have access to the ultimate preparation tool: the ISSP-SA Study Guide. Along with the popular ISSP-SA Flash Cards, the Study Guide is a comprehensive resource for aspiring ISSP-SAs to drill down on the Core Sustainability Concepts tested by the ISSP-SA exam.

Candidates interested in joining our first cohort of ISSP Certified Professionals can now register for the ISSP-SA exam, which will be available through February 18th. Registration for the ISSP-CSP exam will begin during the first quarter of 2017. In order to be eligible for the ISSP-CSP exam, candidates must first pass the ISSP-SA exam.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. PT

Since 2000, GRI's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines have been used by thousands of organizations in more than 90 countries to report publicly about their impacts on the economy, the environment, and society. Now, the world's most widely-adopted sustainability reporting guidelines have been further refined to become the first-ever Sustainability Reporting Standards. Find out about the GRI G4 Guidelines transition to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, and how this will impact your reporting.

The new GRI Standards aim to make sustainability reporting more accessible for organizations and policy-makers, and to encourage more consistent, higher quality sustainability reporting, focused on material issues. This webinar will help you learn the key components of the Standards, how they have evolved from the G4 Framework and understand what this transition means for your organization.
Webinars are free for ISSP members.  Register now!


Beginning February 7th, 2017

ISSP's new series of two-week courses details stakeholder engagement strategies, essential workshops for sustainability professionals managing sustainability initiatives as consultants or in their own organizations. The first course in the series, Community Engagement with Kathryn Cooper, starts tomorrow! Join us for Community Engagement, and reserve your seat now for Employee and Supply Chain Engagement. ISSP Members can register for significant discount. Members of AASHE, STAR Communities, and USDN also receive discounts on the series and its individual courses. Register for all three courses for an additional 20% off, so register now!

Community Engagement with Kathryn Cooper

Increasingly business, municipalities and other organizations are recognizing that stakeholder engagement is essential. Stakeholder engagement can be either an enabler of, or barrier to, an organization's goals. Join us as we identify the significance, purpose, benefits, and best practices of stakeholder engagement in the context of community and organizational engagement.

Employee Engagement with Wendy Firlotte

Organizations of all sizes and functions consistently indicate their biggest employee engagement pain point is lack of participation. The primary hurdle here is that few organizations are able to authentically translate their engagement strategies into aligned and transformational employee action. In this module we will cover the foundations for planning and implementing a sustainability engagement strategy. We will break down the process and framework needed to create an effective sustainability movement and the key elements for success from start to finish.

Supply Chain Engagement with Robb Dods 

Sustainability is likely to be THE defining business issue of the 21st century. Every purchase of goods or services commits a portion of your organization to operate on either a sustainable or an unsustainable basis. All procurements include financial responsibility considerations; and many incorporate environmental responsibility, but few include any social responsibility considerations. In this module, we will comprehensively cover the importance of sustainable procurement and supply chain engagement and how to maximize your efforts to green your supply chain.

ISSP Webinars: What Do You Want To See In Future Webinars?

Even though our calendar is filling up, we're always in the process of planning our next round of webinars, and we need your help! Complete this brief survey to tell us what you like - and want to see - in ISSP webinars. The deadline for surveys is November 14th.  You're also invited to submit your ideas for webinar topics by completing our Webinar Proposal Form. And feel free to reach out - we always love to hear from you! 

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