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This Week's News

Craft the Ultimate Business Case for Sustainability

The second edition of the Sustainability ROI Workbook is now available! Since the release of the first edition in May, Bob Willard's groundbreaking Sustainability ROI Workbook has been downloaded over 1,700 hundred times. Like the first edition, the second edition is free, open-source, and downloadable. It's part of a toolkit specifically designed to help sustainability practitioners build the comprehensive business case for sustainability that the C-Suite will love.

This is the kind of all-in-one, versatile tool that ISSP wants to make available to our community. That's why we're running a two-hour online course on the Sustainability ROI Workbook on September 14th. Join Bob Willard live for a comprehensive walkthrough of this groundbreaking tool. Don't wait - register today!

Thank-You to ISSP's Summer Intern

As summer draws to a close, we reluctantly bid farewell to our wonderful summer intern, Jill Howard (pictured on the left with ISSP Executive Director Maureen Hart), who is returning to the University of New Hampshire for her senior year where she is working on a BS in Business Administration in Social Innovation and Enterprise. Jill was a great help organizing the ISSP Volunteer program to run more smoothly. We will miss her great ideas and hard work but know that she will continue with more direct involvement in sustainability efforts at UNH where she is actively involved in the Trash2Treasure campaign on campus. 

Click here to learn more about the ISSP Internship program, including how to apply to be our next intern!

Head Back to School with ISSP's Fall Courses

ISSP is proud to announce a full suite of Fall courses aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge that needed to make sustainability standard practice.  Join us for interactive, live-online courses featuring expert instructors and highly applicable material designed for practicing and aspiring sustainability professionals.  ISSP members can register for as little as $25, and ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP credential holders can be eligible to earn continuing education units.  Click the links below for more info or check out our complete calendar of events.

Sustainability ROI Workbook

September 14 (one day only).  Join Bob Willard for a comprehensive walk-through of the Sustainability ROI Workbook, a compelling cost-benefit analysis toolset for any sustainability proposal.

Sustainability Management Systems

Starts October 9.  Join Dorothy Atwood for an in-depth primer on developing sustainability management systems, and learn practical methods to solidify and advance sustainability efforts by applying proven management system tools, practices and competencies.

Leadership Skills for Change Agents

Starts November 6.  Bob Willard returns for an extensive workshop focused on leveraging leadership practices to ensuring successful sustainability initiatives.

ISSP Partners With Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

ISSP has announced a partnership with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), a non-profit member based organization representing higher and further education institutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and surrounding region. The agreement serves as the basis for a working relationship which will make it easier and more affordable for ISSP and ACTS members to gain access to the other organization’s benefits and offers. Read more here.

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