Want to improve your sustainability skills but aren’t sure about how to schedule a class into your busy workday? Check out these self-study offerings, which provide you with access to materials crafted by the best experts in the business, no matter where you or they are located in the world. You can absorb the information at your own pace and return to it as often as you'd like. Regardless of whether you are new to sustainability or an experienced professional looking to update or refresh your skills, there is a workshop below that will fit your needs. ISSP members receive a significant discount on registration fees!

And be sure to check out our instructor-led courses for more in-depth courses with instructors to guide you and other students you can interact with

SELF-STUDY: Sustainability 101

This workshop tests your knowledge of the fundamental concepts related to sustainability and fills in any gaps. $175 for members/$250 for non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Sustainability and the Language of Business

Learn how to talk about sustainability in business terms (profit, brand value, risks and opportunity analysis). $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members. 0.5 CEU's for ISSP Credential Holders

SELF-STUDY: Environmental and Social Sustainability Issues

Learn how to connect business, financial and brand opportunities to the greater social, environmental and economic issues that exist today. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members. 0.5 CEUs for ISSP credential holders

SELF-STUDY: Basics of Business Sustainability

Learn how businesses gain a competitive advantage by implementing sustainability. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members. 0.5 CEUs for ISSP credential holders

SELF-STUDY: Greening Your Operations

Learn to look at operations from a strategic level to create a lean and green enterprise. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members. 0.5 CEUs for ISSP credential holders

SELF-STUDY: Accounting and the Triple Bottom Line

Learn to measure your organization holistically to illuminate the sustainability impacts and opportunities from a triple bottom line perspective. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members. 0.5 CEUs for ISSP credential holders

SELF-STUDY: Managing for Sustainability

Learn about tools for analyzing and managing sustainability efforts and how to overcome common obstacles. $30 ISSP members/$75 nonmembers.

SELF-STUDY: Vision and Goal Setting

Learn how to set a sustainability “North Star” for your organization. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Marketing for Sustainability

Learn to create an effective and authentic sustainability marketing message that also advances your company’s sustainability strategy. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Learn the basics of carbon footprinting and the steps needed to create a greenhouse gas inventory for your company. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Resiliency

Learn to identify threats to business resiliency and how thinking in terms of sustainability can decrease risk to your organization. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Sustainable Finance

Learn how sustainability efforts are increasingly important for financing organizations. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Creating and Managing a Green Team

Learn the keys to creating a successful Green Team to move your organization’s sustainability efforts forward. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Change Management around Sustainability

Learn to apply the Hagen-Wilhelm Matrix to create effective change management for sustainability in your organization. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: External Sustainability Reporting

Learn about the different ways to report externally on your organization’s sustainability efforts. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Sustainable Policies

Learn how to incorporate sustainability policies throughout your organization to advance sustainable business practices. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Governance, Evaluation and Compensation around Sustainability

Learn how to incorporate sustainability in management and governance of an organization to align actions with sustainability. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Case Studies for Sustainability Implementation

Learn through case studies how sustainability projects have created savings for corporations, small business, and government entities. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Sustainability ROI Workbook - A Swiss-Army-Knife Tool for Sustainability Professionals (Second Edition)

The Sustainability ROI Workbook frames a comprehensive and compelling cost-benefit analysis for any sustainability-related proposal. $15 ISSP members/$45 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Assessing Organizational Sustainability Using S-CORE™

ISSP’s S-CORE™ assessment evaluates an organization's progress on the path to sustainability, identifying new opportunities and developing a plan for the next steps. $200 ISSP members/$325 non-members

SELF-STUDY: VISIS Tools for Sustainability Transformation

Learn to use a proven set of powerful open-source workshop, training, and analysis tools based on the VISIS (Vision, Indicators, Systems, Innovation, Strategy) Method. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-Member

SELF-STUDY: How to Get a Job in Sustainability

Make yourself stand out as a job candidate whether you are new to the sustainability field or looking to advance your career. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Networking to Get Your Next Job

Learn to the best techniques to create an effective and lasting network. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Defining and Communicating Your Personal Brand

Understand the importance of personal branding and how to do it. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Refining Your Professional Online Presence

Learn how to build a personal brand for yourself on social media platforms. $30 ISSP members/$75 non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Introductory Skills in Sustainable Business

Bundle of eight self-guided workshops on introductory sustainable business topics. $199 for ISSP members/$499 for non-members

SELF-STUDY: Advanced Professional Skills in Sustainable Business

Bundle of nine self-guided workshops on advanced sustainable business topics. $199 for ISSP members/$499 for non-members.

SELF-STUDY: Career Training for Landing a Job in Sustainability

Bundle of four self-guided workshops on landing a job in Sustainability. $99 for ISSP members/$249 for non-members.