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Since 2010, ISSP members have collaborated to develop a definitive Sustainability Professionals’ Body of Knowledge for the profession. That ongoing work has culminated in the publication of two Study Guides and a set of Flashcards, that lay out in detail the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by sustainability practitioners.

More than preparing candidates to sit for the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP exams, these publications offer an in-depth description of our field and can be used as professional reference guides in both academic and office settings.


ISSP-SA Study Guide

Introducing the most comprehensive preparation tool for the ISSP-SA credential exam: the ISSP-SA Study Guide. The ISSP-SA Study Guide walks readers through the Core Sustainability Concepts tested by the ISSP-SA exam, broken down into 10 detailed chapters. Each chapter highlights a set of Key Concepts, linked to the Study Guide's glossary and index.

Both seasoned professionals and part-time practitioners will find this digital Study Guide is the ultimate way to prepare for the ISSP Sustainability Associate’s (ISSP-SA) exam.

Nonmember Price: $150
Member price: $100



Covering more than 300 sustainability terms and their definitions, the ISSP-SA Flash Cards are an easy-to-use study tool for credential exam candidates. Each purchase includes a digital set that allows for convenient studying on mobile devices with just a few clicks, plus a printable set if you prefer real cards.

The digital Flash Card set is perfect for studying at home or on the go. Just download to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and navigate the sustainability terms and their definitions with a few simple clicks!

If you prefer a more conventional approach to exam preparation, the printable set can be cut out and made into paper cards.

Nonmember Price: $50
Member Price: $30


ISSP-CSP Study Guide

Knowledge alone does not make a sustainability professional good at his or her job, so, an ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) must understand sustainability in context.

The ISSP-CSP Study Guide offers a comprehensive guide to the body of knowledge that underpins the ISSP-CSP credentialing exam. Going beyond the basic knowledge required of an ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), this publication illustrates—through real-life an­ecdotes, lessons learned, and case studies—the industry best-practices for applying sustainability concepts in five domains of competency:

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategic Planning

  • Implement Sustainability Strategies

  • Evaluate & Report

  • Adjust Plans

As candidates prepare for the ISSP-CSP credential exam, this digital guide helps them think about how all the pieces of sustainability fit together. It further serves as a reminder to tailor tools in a practitioner’s toolbox so they apply to tasks they will encounter on the job.

This publication reflects the work of 30 ISSP members—Subject Matter Experts, including 19 ISSP-CSPs and 7 ISSP-SAs from 10 countries on 5 continents—practicing in the business, industrial, academic, nonprofit, and public sectors.

Nonmember Price: $150
Member price: $100